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Motor vehicle accident involved trailer haul

If an Illinois driver is operating a vehicle that is hauling a trailer carrying a heavy load, it can place nearby motorists at risk for injury if the load is not properly secured. If the proper restraints are not used or something malfunctions, the item or items on a trailer can suddenly become airborne, possibly striking a nearby vehicle. A recent motor vehicle accident on Route 159 involved a John Deere skid steer that was being carried on a trailer. 

Motor vehicle accidents: Recent tragedy resulted in 3 fatalities

An Illinois community was rocked with grief after a recent roadway tragedy. When fatal motor vehicle accidents like this one occur, investigators often have their work cut out to determine what or who may have caused a particular incident to occur. In this case, a group of people who were traveling in a limousine together had no way of knowing that their lives were about to change forever.

Motor vehicle accidents often involve mergers gone bad

An Illinois family is grieving this week after a tragedy that resulted in fatality for two of its members. Motor vehicle accidents occur often in this state, especially during the holidays when there are more cars on the road and people are in a great hurry. Investigators are still working to determine the exact cause of the recent collision that involved multiple vehicles and sent several people to the hospital with serious injuries in addition to claiming two lives.

Head-on motor vehicle accidents often result in fatalities

Illinois investigators are still working to determine what or who may have caused a recent collision. When rescue workers arrived at the scene, they immediately noticed that both vehicles had sustained a lot of front end damage. Sadly, as in this case, motor vehicle accidents that occur head-on often result in fatalities.

Motor vehicle accidents: What can you do about driver negligence?

Navigating an Illinois roadway can be dangerous whether you are driving, riding as a passenger or walking. Motor vehicle accidents often occur suddenly, with little to no notice, resulting in serious, even life-threatening injuries. Perhaps, you were sitting at a red light when another car crashed into your vehicle from behind.

Motor vehicle accidents: Seeking aftermath support in Illinois

The day another driver ran a red light and T-boned your vehicle in an intersection is likely a time in your life you'd rather forget. However, especially if you suffered injuries in the collision, details of the crash may be deeply etched in your mind forever. Illinois motor vehicle accidents often happen so suddenly and unexpectedly that even cautious and alert drivers do not have time to safely react to avoid disaster.

Motor vehicle accidents: When to suspect brain injury

Many Illinois travelers will be involved in collisions before this year ends. Issues that cause motor vehicle accidents vary; however, many collisions are caused by driver negligence. The sudden impact of a crash occurs under such force that severe or, even, fatal injuries might occur, especially injuries to the brain.

Motor vehicle accidents sometimes due to smartphone addiction

Like most other states, Illinois roadways are often highly congested with traffic that is moving at highway speeds. It often takes great caution, alertness and swift reactions to avoid a collision. When drivers are addicted to smartphones, they tend to use their phones while driving, even when there are laws prohibiting it. In fact, many motor vehicle accidents are caused by distracted drivers who were using smartphones at the time.

Motor vehicle accidents: Driver inexperience often a factor

Illinois travelers are often at risk for injury on or near the state's roadways. Pedestrians, especially, must be cautious when crossing roadways or walking in areas where motor vehicle accidents can occur. Even if an on-foot traveler is paying close attention to surrounding areas, if a nearby driver is negligent, disaster can strike in an instant.

Motor vehicle accidents: Know where to seek support

One never knows what will happen on an Illinois highway at any given moment. Some days, travel is rather uneventful, with little to no traffic and all motorists carefully adhering to traffic laws and safety regulations. However, that can all change in an instant if a distracted, intoxicated or reckless driver gets behind the wheel. Motor vehicle accidents are often sudden and disastrous, which is why it's critical to know where to seek support if injuries occur.

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