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Motor vehicle accidents: Man killed in head-on crash

The Illinois Department of Transportation continues to monitor and make improvements to roadways to help ensure the safety of all travelers. Unfortunately, other factors, such as weather conditions and the behavior of other drivers, can affect the safety of other travelers. Unfortunately, one driver's actions were likely what resulted in another man's death in one of the area's recent motor vehicle accidents.

The tragic crash occurred early in the morning while the drivers were traveling in opposite directions. After authorities investigated the crash, they determined that a truck driver crossed the center line into the opposite lane of traffic. Unfortunately, the crash resulted in a fatal head-on crash with an unsuspecting SUV driver. 

Illinois motor vehicle accidents: Aftermath support is available

It's no secret that Illinois roadways can be dangerous places. If you commute to work every day, you've likely had a few close calls involving drivers who cut you off on the highway. Motorists who fail to yield rights of way at merge points also place themselves and others at risk for injuries. Motor vehicle accidents happen every day and in every state throughout the country.

However, just because collisions occur frequently does not mean you should bear the financial strain that arises if you fall victim to another driver's negligence. Drunk drivers, distracted drivers and those who simply ignore traffic regulations are dangerous to society. While you might be able to recognize signs of possible drunk driving or distracted driving (i.e., someone texting behind the wheel) there is no guarantee you'd be able to react safely and swiftly enough to avoid a collision.

Illinois workplace injuries: Where to seek support

Many Illinois jobs are inherently dangerous, such as construction or railroad work, as well as many times of factory jobs and public service duties. People employed in these industries are at risk for workplace injuries. However, it is one thing for a complete mishap to occur and quite another for an employer's negligence to cause a worker to suffer injury.

The fact is that any worker, even those whose jobs are considered low risk, may suffer injury on the job. Some injuries develop over time, such as repetitive stress injuries. It is critical that all workers know where to seek support in the aftermaths of workplace accidents.

Workplace injuries: Illinois motorists often endanger flaggers

While driving through Illinois and other states, it is common to see construction zones along the highway at any time of the day or night, especially during the summer. Road work often creates traffic jams, which causes some motorists to become impatient and angry. When these drivers try to take matters into their own hands to get around the traffic, instead of following the directions of the flaggers posted at the sites, it can result in workplace injuries. 

Three such incidents have occurred in a matter of weeks in one particular state. Two flaggers working at separate construction sites survived their injuries, although one was listed in serious condition. Sadly, a third incident ended in a fatality.  

Motor vehicle accidents often involve drug-impaired drivers

A man who many people know from his presence in the MMA fighting world is now sitting behind bars in a county jail. Unless he can come up with $1.25 million dollars for bail, that is where he will stay for now. A series of motor vehicle accidents recently occurred in Illinois for which the man has been deemed responsible.  

Police who came to the scene of the three-car incident say they believe the MMA star was driving under the influence of drugs when his vehicle slammed into the rear end of the car in front of him. The impact of the hit sent the other vehicle careening off the road and into a tree. Meanwhile, the fighter's car crashed again, hitting another vehicle moments later.  

Preventing heat illnesses for construction workers

Kids may have to go back to school soon, but the summer heat does not appear to be going down any time soon. Many outdoor workers are in danger of suffering from heat illnesses at their work, but few are quite at risk as much as construction workers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 40 percent of heat-related deaths come from the construction industry.

It is crucial for supervisors to know of the signs that come with heat-related illnesses and how to keep their workers safe. Failure to respond could result in serious injuries for the victims. With how much construction there is in Chicago and how hot it can get in the city, there are thousands of workers that could be at risk.

Workplace injuries lead to tragedy for demolition worker

Demolition work is inherently dangerous and most Illinois workers who earn their livings in the destruction industry understand the risks involved. However, their employers are obligated to provide proper training and safety equipment to lower their injury risks as much as possible. A project manager in another state suffered serious workplace injuries when a building blast went wrong and debris blew clear across the road.  

When on-the-job accidents occur that land injured workers in the hospital, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration typically steps in to investigate. Investigations regarding the recent demolition accident remain ongoing at this time. The injured worker's family and colleagues were recently grief-stricken when they learned that their loved one and co-worker succumbed to his injuries. 

Medians are often factors in motor vehicle accidents

Many Illinois highways are divided by median strips. They are designed to keep motorists in opposing lanes of traffic as safe as possible. However, many motor vehicle accidents occur because a driver veered out of his or her lane, through the median and into oncoming traffic. 

Such an accident occurred on a recent Saturday on Interstate 80. A westbound truck is said to have left its lane near mile marker 19, careened across the median and crashed head-on into a truck that was traveling eastbound. The impact of the collision was so severe that both vehicles burst into flames.

Recovery for victims of Illinois workplace accidents

Anyone who has ever suffered injury in a workplace accident in Illinois or elsewhere understands the way such an incident can negatively impact one's life. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may be partially, fully, temporarily or permanently disabled. In fact, even minor workplace accidents can cost you time off work and a lot of stress as you navigate the workers' compensation system.  

It can be particularly stressful to deal with insurance agencies, whose job, basically, is to try to limit the amount of compensation you receive as much as possible. There were numerous changes to workers' comp laws in this state in 2011; therefore, it's critical that all injured workers seek clarification regarding those changes before filing benefits claims. One way to alleviate such stress is to ask an experienced workers' comp attorney to act on your behalf.  

Motor vehicle accidents: Justice for victims of preventable loss

Drunk drivers are a menace to Illinois roadways and those throughout the nation. Many families have suffered devastating losses of loved ones in motor vehicle accidents that were entirely preventable were it not for the poor choices of the drivers involved to consume alcohol then get behind the wheel. One person who allegedly made such a choice on a recent Sunday has been deemed responsible in a tragic four-car crash.  

Local authorities say they believe the man driving a Chevy sedan was intoxicated when his vehicle veered over the yellow line from the eastbound lane into oncoming traffic. The man was reportedly driving at a high rate of speed when his car slammed into a vehicle in the westbound lane. The impact of the collision sent the two vehicles barreling into other cars that were also on the bridge at the time.  

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