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Illinois motor vehicle accident: Numerous injuries, driver cited

Many Illinois travelers know what it like to be driving along and suddenly come upon an accident scene. Every motorist is obligated to remain alert and cautious behind the wheel so that they can react to changes in traffic flow. A terrible motor vehicle accident recently occurred when one driver reportedly failed to stop to avoid a collision.

The 39-year-old man was driving a tractor-trailer at the time. There had been a crash earlier, and crews were working to clean up the road. This caused the general flow of traffic to slow and, in fact, one tractor-trailer and a car that was behind it came to a complete stop. The man did not stop in time, and his truck hit the back of the car, which was catapulted off the road upon impact.

Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians especially tragic

Morning hours are often busy when it comes to traffic in Illinois. People typically commute to work during these hours and typically share the roads with those who take buses, who may be walking from a bus stop to their destination. Commercial vehicles, such as school buses, are also often part of the traffic flow. Such situations can lead to motor vehicle accidents, especially if a negligent driver happens to be on the road.

An incident occurred at approximately 9:30 a.m. on a recent Tuesday. A 20-year-old woman was making her way across a street on foot when she was suddenly hit by a car. Rescue workers arrived and quickly transported the injured woman to a nearby hospital. She suffered a broken hip in the collision.

Icy road conditions often factors in motor vehicle accidents

Illinois winters can be brutal, as anyone who lives or frequently travels here can attest. While the state does its best to keep roadways plowed and keep travelers as safe as possible, motorists and pedestrians must proceed with caution at all times. Icy roads are particularly perilous, often the scenes of motor vehicle accidents in this state and others.

A recent tragedy occurred on Highway 41. An icy road was cited as a probable causal factor in the incident. A man was traveling in a southbound direction when he reportedly lost control of his steering.

Workplace injuries are not always physical

If an Illinois worker suffers injury on the job, he or she may report the incident to his or her employer and file a claim to collect benefits to help pay medical expenses, replace lost wages or help alleviate other costs associated with the injury. It's common to think of physical workplace injuries, such as burns or broken bones that may be suffered in a sudden accident. There are also occupational injuries, such as repetitive strains that develop over time and can cause partial or full, permanent disabilities. 

There is another aspect to this topic, however, involving psychological injuries, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Those who work in certain civil service industries such as first responders or other rescue missions often witness catastrophic events that can take a heavy toll on their mental health. Another type of cataclysmic incident that may result in PTSD would be working behind the counter in a department store or bank and getting robbed at gunpoint. 

Motor vehicle accidents high risk in Illinois during holidays

As in most other states, Illinois roads are often busier and traffic-laden during the holidays. As Christmas winds down, many people are headed back to department stores to exchange or return gifts. The party season typically continues through the new year, however, so a lot of travelers are those who are visiting family or meeting up with friends or co-workers to celebrate. All these issues and then some make the risk of motor vehicle accidents quite high.

Another problematic (and unfortunate) issue during the holidays is that many drivers get behind their wheels after consuming copious amounts of alcohol. It is no secret that drunk driving causes thousands of fatalities every year in this state and others. You're not only at risk as an operator of a motor vehicle but also if you travel as a passenger or pedestrian, as well.

Road equipment often a factor in Illinois motor vehicle accidents

A small Illinois community is mourning the loss of two members who are said to have been integral to service and friendship throughout the town. Another community member, who was with the two who died, suffered serious injuries in the collision that took their lives and remains in the hospital at this time. As in some other motor vehicle accidents, a key factor in this collision was a piece of heavy machinery, specifically, a road-cleaning device that was reportedly in motion on the road when the recent tragedy occurred.  

The 75-year-old man, who was known and loved by his neighbors, was behind the wheel when the accident took place. He was accompanying his wife, age 77, and another woman, age 66, to visit a friend of theirs in a nursing home. His vehicle somehow collided with the skid steer that was being used to clean the road, the sudden impact of which resulted in the driver's death as well as the death of the younger woman, who passed away while being transported into the back of an ambulance.  

Victims of Illinois motor vehicle accidents can seek justice

Illinois roadways are often busy, chaotic places, especially if drivers fail to adhere to traffic regulations or are otherwise negligent behind the wheel. Distracted drivers, drunk drivers and those who are reckless are responsible for causing thousands of motor vehicle accidents every year, many that have catastrophic results. State law allows those who are injured because of other people's negligence to seek compensation for damages.

If you are driving along an Illinois highway and a drunk driver hits you, you might spend several days or more in the hospital. Even minor injuries often necessitate medical treatment, which is typically quite expensive. If you are unprepared to meet such costs, the injuries you suffered in a situation that was likely preventable may spark a serious financial crisis that adds to your suffering.

Emergency airlifts often follow serious motor vehicle accidents

An Illinois hospital recently prepared to receive an incoming emergency. A 15-year-old girl was being flown to the facility from the scene of multi-vehicle collision. Police have reportedly issued a traffic citation to one of the drivers involved. Motor vehicle accidents like this one are often fatal; thankfully, everyone involved in this incident survived. 

Moments before the initial impact of the crash, a vehicle had apparently come to a full stop. The driver was preparing to make a left turn. In situations like this, any driver approaching the rear of another car at a stop sign or red light is obligated to slow down in order to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.  

Can you decrease your chances of motor vehicle accidents?

Illinois roadways are often busy, chaotic places. Some days, you might breathe a great sigh of relief when you finally reach your destination safely. There is no guaranteed way to avoid motor vehicle accidents although there are several ways to improve your own safety while you drive.

By avoiding distractions at the wheel, you keep yourself, your passengers and other nearby motorists safer. This means you should always avoid things, such as texting (which, in most states is illegal anyway) eating or drinking and reaching for objects in your glove compartment or a handbag while driving. The problem is that you can control your own driving behavior, but there's little to nothing you can do about another driver's actions.

Illinois drivers at risk for motor vehicle accidents

When you get behind the wheel of a car to drive on an Illinois roadway, you are obligated to adhere to all state traffic and safety regulations. Motor vehicle accidents often occur when drivers fail to so. The problem is that no matter how well you adhere to state laws or how alert and cautious you are while driving, there is little to nothing you can do about another person's driving behavior.  

If a car comes barreling up behind you and slams into your rear bumper because the driver was looking down at a cell phone and texting instead of paying attention the road, you and anyone traveling in your car might suffer serious injuries because of that person's negligence. Distracted drivers, drunk drivers and those who are intentionally reckless are menaces to the road, placing themselves, other travelers and pedestrians at great risk. Perhaps you or your child are currently recovering from an automobile collision that a negligent driver caused.  

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