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March 2012 Archives

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: Carpal Tunnels Ankle Sibling

Most workers today have heard of the condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. While a few decades ago the injury was not well known or understood, now even those outside the medical community are aware it is a common and damaging workplace injury. However, many are still unaware that carpal tunnel has a sibling. This injury, known as tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS), is very similar in cause and symptoms, but affects the leg and foot rather than the arm and hand. And though it is also a fairly common injury, lack of awareness about the condition among workers too often means that their pain goes unreported and untreated.

Improving Your Childs Safety Away From Home

From play dates to sleep-overs, through their lifetime your child will likely spend a lot of time at friends’ homes. As separation anxiety fades, these visits get easier for both of you as your child ages. And yet, every new household brings a new set of risks. While it’s important to encourage your child’s independence, it’s equally important to make certain they are entering a safe environment. Most parents know to ask basic questions about supervision, house rules, etc. before entrusting their child to another household. But too often they fail to consider those areas of risk that are often responsible for childhood accidents in a home. To ensure the safety of your child at all ages, discuss these common household hazards with any adult whose home your child will be visiting.

Taxes and Your Workers Compensation Benefits

From January to April, most in the United States are witness to three seasons: winter, spring and tax season. Whether April still has you shoveling snow or mowing your lawn for the first time, in all parts of the country people will be shifting through receipts and mounds of paperwork as the dreaded deadline for filing your taxes looms. Often, we are most thrown when filing for the first time after a new life event. Perhaps you had your first child, retired, changed jobs or lost your job – your tax forms will be different this year. And one of the most confusing life changes comes when you have been injured on the job. While you may be used to filing for your regular income, many are unprepared for how workers’ compensation will affect their taxes. It is helpful, therefore, to understand the current taxing regulations on workers’ compensation income.

A Coal Miners Victory For Occupational Illness Benefits

When a worker files a workers’ compensation claim, a major hurdle can be proving that the injury or illness was caused by or at work. Too frequently, the employer and/or insurance provider may try every means possible to deny responsibility. One tactic is to deny a claim by stating that the injury or illness is due to some factor other than those at work. But a recent ruling by the Illinois Appellate Court may help workers whose claims are wrongly denied on the inflated basis of preexisting or mitigating factors.

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