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Why might restaurant workers need workers’ comp?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

The restaurant industry can be tough for employers and employees. That pressure to survive can lead to it being a highly pressured environment to work in. This is in addition to the time pressure the need to serve food hot imposes.

So, it is no surprise that injuries are common among restaurant workers, some of which will leave workers needing to claim against their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

While a payout can help you through a difficult time, it’s preferable to avoid getting injured if you can. Here are some of the risks to watch out for:


Hot things are an essential part of restaurant life, from gas burners to pans of boiling water and cups of coffee. Employers should design their restaurants to minimize the risk of people bumping into each other or knocking things over. Unfortunately, many restaurants, especially their kitchens, are cramped and crowded.


You can’t really have a kitchen without sharp items such as knives and things such as mixers that, while not sharp, revolve at speeds that could mangle the hand of someone. Guards must be in place and used, and staff must be trained.

Slips and falls

If things get spilled, which they inevitably will do, quick clearing up and drying of the area is crucial to avoid someone slipping. Using cones or similar to mark off an area until it dries can help. Employers should also tackle potential trip hazards such as broken flooring.

Back injuries

While a plate of food won’t weigh that much, raw ingredients can, due to the industrial-sized quantities restaurants often purchase. Employers should try to ensure deliveries come at appropriate times when there are plenty of staff free to share the load of moving these items.

As an employee, recognizing the hazards and doing your part to mitigate the risk is crucial. But accidents can still occur, and you may need to learn how to claim workers’ compensation.

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