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About 7 loss-of-limb workplace accidents occur per day nationwide

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that the number of amputations that follow workplace accidents is a matter of significant concern. Work-related loss-of-limb incidents are reported to be as many as seven per day nationwide, excluding Illinois and other states with their own safety and health programs. Amputations are catastrophic, even if only a finger is lost.

Heavy fines after 5 amputations in manufacturing accidents

Workers in various industries nationwide, including Illinois, deal with amputation hazards each day. The level of risk is underscored by a report issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that involves a wine-barrel maker in a neighboring state. Substantial fines were proposed after the company reported amputation injuries in five different manufacturing accidents in only 14 months.

Excessive noise can cause life-altering workplace injury

Machine shops in manufacturing facilities nationwide, including Illinois, typically expose workers to high levels of noise. A hearing-related workplace injury may develop gradually, and by the time it becomes evident, proving it to be work-related might be challenging. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers to inform workers of the hazards they will face, and also protect them from harm by providing personal protective equipment, including hearing protection.

Manufacturing accidents: 3 lives lost in Silicone plant explosion

A massive explosion that destroyed a silicone plant rocked an Illinois city in Lake County on a recent Friday evening. Manufacturing accidents are often deadly, and this one claimed the lives of three workers, and another worker is missing and suspected to have been killed as well. Some of the surviving workers say those who died warned them to leave the building because they realized the imminent danger.

Energy control crucial to prevent manufacturing accidents

One of the most significant threats to the safety of employees in the Illinois manufacturing industry is unexpected energizing of equipment during servicing, cleaning or maintenance procedures. Without adequate lockout/tagout protocols, manufacturing accidents can cause catastrophic injuries that might lead to amputation or death. If machines are not isolated from energy sources, unanticipated startup or stored energy release can have devastating consequences.

Industrial accidents: Struck-by incident kills 41-year-old worker

Workers in all industries have to deal with occupational hazards, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires all employers to ensure workplaces are free of known dangers. Employees must receive adequate safety training, and learn how to prevent injuries. Sadly, industrial accidents continue to claim lives nationwide, including in Illinois.

Steps to prevent workplace injury hazards in warehouses

Employees in warehouses, distribution centers and fulfillment centers in Illinois face various safety risks. Although every employer is expected to address all recognized hazards that could cause a workplace injury, workers' compensation benefits claims from warehouse workers are prevalent. Minimizing ergonomic risks factors can prevent musculoskeletal injuries caused by repeatedly twisting, bending, stretching and lifting -- often in awkward body postures.

OSHA fines adhesive maker for potential manufacturing accidents

Workers in the manufacturing industry in Illinois are always at risk of suffering injuries. Along with the long list of common safety hazards in such facilities, each factory typically poses additional unique dangers, depending on the products that are manufactured. It is the responsibility of each employer to protect the health and safety of employees by addressing hazards that could cause manufacturing accidents.

Most manufacturing accidents can be avoided

Workers in factories in Illinois will always be at risk of suffering occupational injuries. The level of the dangers they face will depend on their employers' commitment to providing safe work environments. Most manufacturing accidents are preventable, and workers are entitled to protection against known safety hazards. Smart employers will understand that keeping employees safe will benefit production.

Warehouse accidents can cause serious workplace injuries

Even though employers in Illinois are expected to protect the health and safety of their employees, many workers realize that they are the best protectors of their own safety. Workers in depots or distribution centers can avoid warehouse accidents by becoming familiar with the typical hazards in such facilities. Warehouses are potentially dangerous environments that pose numerous risks.

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