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Common causes of workplace fires 

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Workplace Accidents |

Most workplaces contain hazards, with some being more dangerous than others. Fires can occur anywhere under the right circumstances, and they can quickly turn from small flames into massive blazes. 

Recognizing some of the more common causes of workplace fires could help with prevention. Outlined below are some of the more frequent causes of fires in the working environment. 

Faulty electrics 

Factories, warehouses and office environments are all powered by electricity. This is a power source that can run anything from large machinery to standard office equipment. There are numerous ways that electrical fires can occur, but they often happen because of faulty equipment. If the wiring in a commercial building is outdated and not up to the specifications of modern equipment, this is asking for trouble. 

On the off chance that a fire does break out, it’s crucial that working environments have suitable protocols in places such as evacuation plans and fire extinguishers. Evacuations can save employees from serious injury or even death. Generally, fires shouldn’t be tackled by staff unless the blaze is so small that it can be controlled relatively easily.

Hazardous substances 

Factories and warehouses may store or even produce hazardous chemicals. Such materials may be harmless until a fire breaks out and they then become accelerants. Even substances that appear harmless, such as cleaning products, can become dangerous accelerants in a fire. Storing such materials suitably can greatly assist with fire prevention. 

Injuries from a workplace fire can be serious, and if this has happened to you, you may need to take considerable time off to recover. Exploring your options in terms of pursuing workers’ compensation can help to relieve some of the financial strain.  

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