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With the 2011 changes to the Illinois workers’ compensation laws, it is more complicated than ever before for the average person to understand his or her rights and to make sure that those rights are recognized and observed by the insurance companies. If you are attempting to deal with the insurance company and its adjuster by yourself, beware: They are there to limit the amount they pay you. They are not there to help you even though they may say they are.

Here at The Law Offices of Millon & Peskin, we bring more than 45 years of combined experience to bear on each of our workers’ compensation cases. We help injured workers throughout Chicago metro area to enforce and protect their rights under Illinois law. Whether dealing with an initial work injury claim or a workers’ comp denial, our Wheaton workers’ compensation lawyers are well-positioned to guide you toward a successful outcome.

You should not discuss your case with any insurance adjusters. That friendly adjuster is there to figure out a way to pay you less workers’ compensation insurance or to deny you any payment at all. Instead, contact us. Our experienced legal team can deal with the insurance company. We will tell you when they are being fair or not. You will always know that we are providing you with truthful advice that is both candid and frank.

We regularly assist clients in the following matters involved in the worker’s compensation process.

We can help you recover benefits provided to you by law, benefits such as payment for time off. Our attorneys have been down these roads many, many times. As a result, we understand how to fight on your behalf when it comes to doing battle with insurance companies and employers.

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