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What profession carries the highest risk of violence at work?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Some jobs have a statistical correlation with specific injury risks. People who work in transportation or delivery services are at higher risk for suffering injuries in a car crash on the job than someone who works as an elementary school teacher, for example.

Some of the most common workplace risks include car crashes, environmental exposure to dangerous substances, falls and interpersonal violence. Violence affects people in many different employment fields, ranging from fast-food workers to police officers. What profession has the highest risk for injury by violence on the job?

People whose job is to help others often are injured at work

Violence in the workplace might seem like an issue that police officers have to deal with. Security professionals and bouncers might also be high on the list of those that you think have violence-related issues at work. You might not guess that medical professionals have the highest amount of risk for workplace injuries related to violence.

Statistical analysis shows that workplace violence is a more prevalent issue for hospital workers and medical staff than for people in any other industry. There are many causes of workplace violence for people in medical facilities. Someone under the influence of drugs, having a bad reaction to treatment or experiencing some kind of psychiatric issue might become violent. The same can be true for someone brought in for care while in police custody.

Thankfully, the victims of workplace violence, like anyone else who gets hurt on the job, usually have the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits for both lost wages and any medical care required, which might include counseling services for those traumatized by violence in the workplace.

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