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Tragic workplace accident claims life of Illinois worker

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2020 | Workplace Accidents |

There are many jobs in Illinois and beyond that carry an inherent personal risk for on-the-job injuries. For instance, those who work with heavy machinery or in construction zones are no doubt aware that their jobs are considered more dangerous than working in an office behind a desk, although office workers can also be involved in a workplace accident that results in injury. An emergency situation arose on a recent Wednesday in a grain elevator.

Two co-workers were attempting to exit the bin when a terrible accident occurred. One of the men suddenly fell 70 feet, landing on thousands of bushels of corn. His co-worker, age 28, immediately descended back down into the bin to try to rescue him.

Soon, numerous other rescue teams arrived on site and combined their efforts for nearly seven hours to try to save the man who was trapped. Sadly, he succumbed to the serious injuries he had suffered upon impact in the fall and was pronounced dead at the scene. The co-worker who had been the first responder was then transported to a local hospital for medical examination but was later released.

When a workplace accident like this one occurs in Illinois or elsewhere, Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials are often sent to investigate the incident. While no details about the deceased worker’s family were provided in this particular case, most tragedies of this magnitude result in emotional and financial distress for loved ones who suffer the loss of a family member. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney is able to assist such families in their time of need by providing valuable legal guidance and support.

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