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4 ways your hard hat protects you

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2017 | Blog |

A hit to the head is never a pleasant experience. However, when it involves a falling object at a Wheaton construction site, such a hit can cause some serious damage. This is one of the main reasons why wearing a hard hat is a must. While you may think it is inconvenient to constantly wear a hard hat while you are on the job, the reality is that wearing it could save your life.

You might be wondering how a piece of plastic can make such a difference, but through its seemingly simple design your hard hat can protect you from all kinds of injuries. To find out how a hard hat keeps you safe, read further.

Shell design

Manufactures have designed hard hats to work like a shell for your head. The main job of a hard hat is to resist and deflect either falling or stationary objects that might come into contact with your head.

Suspension system

The suspension system that keeps the hard shell of the hard hat from sitting directly on your head provides an extra cushion in case of impact. It essentially works as a shock absorber. This means that if you put something between the suspension and the shell of your hat, you more or less completely negate this safety feature.


Certain hard hats have ratings that indicate they provide insulation against electrocution if it comes into contact with live wires. If you are working around electrical lines, be sure your hat has the proper rating so that you benefit from this added protection.

Protection from liquids

The main shell of the hat, as well as the brim, can keep toxic liquids from touching your scalp and getting in your eyes. However, if you wear your hat backwards, then you lose the protection provided by the rim.

While a hard hat can provide you with a significant amount of safety while on the job, there are some accidents that even it cannot save you from. If you suffer a construction site injury, you might be able to file a workers’ compensation claim for medical expenses, lost wages and any other damages that occurred as a result.

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