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Restoring Dignity & Control After An Injury 

Chicago Area Wage Loss Benefit Lawyers

Clients often come to us after the employers’ or insurance company’s doctors have sent them back to work before they are ready or able to work again. You being sent back to work, of course, is no accident. Because the doctor has sent you back to work, the insurance company can then cut you off from your payment for time off benefits, sometimes also called temporary total disability (TTD).

To add insult to injury, you may not even have been paid the compensation due to you while you were unable to work or have been paid at the correct rate. Facing off against insurance companies can be daunting and many people give up.

But it does not have to be this way, and our Wheaton wage loss benefit attorneys serving the entire Chicago metro area can help. We encourage you to keep fighting to get the lost time benefits that you are entitled to and to get paid at the correct rate.

For a free and discreet consultation with a workers’ comp attorney, contact us today. We have offices in Wheaton, Arlington Heights, Rosemont and Chicago.

Obtain Payment for Time Off After A Work Injury — Illinois Lost Wages Lawyers

Do NOT give up!

At The Law Offices of Millon & Peskin, we can help you recover workers’ compensation benefits provided to you by law, benefits such as payment for time off. Our firm’s lawyers have more than 45 years of experience between them. We understand how to fight on your behalf when it comes to doing battle with insurance companies and employers regarding payment for time off that has not been paid or has been underpaid to you.

On your behalf, our office will deal with the insurance adjuster regarding any paperwork to support your disability. We can advise you when you can best protect your legal rights by filing an application for adjustment of claim. And we can also advise you when you can best protect your rights by going to trial to have a judge look at your case.

Work Injury Attorneys: Serving Chicago And Its Suburbs

To discuss your legal questions regarding payment for time off issues, you can schedule a free initial consultation with the attorneys of The Law Offices of Millon & Peskin. Call one of our four conveniently located Chicagoland-area offices: 630-449-3884. Our firm has offices in Chicago, Arlington Heights, Wheaton and Rosemont. You can also contact our firm online to schedule an entirely free and completely discreet meeting with a lawyer from our firm.