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Beyond Workers Compensation: Injured Workers and Personal Injury

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2012 | Black Lung, Carpal Tunnel, Civil Lawsuits, Civil Lawsuits |

If you’ve been injured at work, you likely know your best hope for winning workers’ compensation benefits is to hire an attorney. Your check-list for choosing legal representation is generally clear. You want a lawyer with extensive experience with your state’s laws, who has a proven track-record of success, and with whom you feel comfortable working. But for some injured workers, their needs may extend beyond just a workers’ compensation attorney. Some on-the-job injuries involving a third-party may actually also fall under the heading of “personal injury”. And for such workers, choosing an attorney who is experienced in practicing both areas of law is crucial to the success of their case.

Many injured workers assume theirs is a straight-forward case. Even when their injury is devastating and profound, they believe their only option is to file for workers’ compensation benefits. As such, they seek out an attorney who specializes in this area of law. And sadly, too often their other options are never explored or considered. The attorneys at The Law Office of Millon and Peskin, however, never assume your case is one-dimensional. As a firm that practices both workers’ compensation law as well as personal injury law, they realize that sometimes these injuries are far more complex than “just” an on-the-job injury. And by combining their dual areas of expertise, they successfully pursue every avenue of recompense for their clients’ injuries.

Their first step is to understand a client’s injury. How did it happen? Why did it happen? While many workers believe an injury at work is the responsibility of their employer, the truth is that a third-party may also be held financially responsible. For instance, if you are driving a truck for work and are injured in a crash, the other driver may also be liable for your injuries. If you are using equipment or materials at work that are defective or harmful, the manufacturers of those items may be held responsible for your injuries. A worker at a construction site may be able to file a claim against a sub-contractor if they or their employees’ actions lead to an on-the-job injury. An important aspect of such suits is that while Illinois state law is often limited as to what workers’ compensation benefits will cover, civil suits are far more inclusive. For instance, while your pain and suffering is not considered under workers’ compensation, personal injury law allows for sufferers to seek reparation in this area.

Sadly, many such workers fail to receive the full financial assistance they deserve for their injuries. When this occurs despite their having obtained an attorney, it is too often the fault of a lawyer limited to workers’ compensation law. As workers compensation attorney Illinois experienced in practicing both types of law, Millon and Peskin will immediately explore all avenues open to you in seeking justice for your injuries. Their expertise in both workers’ compensation and personal injury law means that they miss no opportunity to pursue every advantage for their clients.

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