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How to protect yourself from frostbite at work

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2022 | Workplace Injuries |

By the end of the year, many people work outside or in environments with below-zero temperatures. Employees, especially new workers, who aren’t prepared for the temperature shift could suffer from serious medical conditions. One of the most common injuries people suffer from in the cold is frostbite.

People can suffer from frostbite when temperatures drop below freezing, causing skin damage and underlying injuries. In some cases, people may experience frostnip, an early sign of frostbite that typically doesn’t cause skin damage. However, as frostnip worsens, the skin can lose feeling, harden, enter into severe frostbite stages and eventually cause limb loss.

Limb loss is a catastrophic injury that no one should have to suffer from under normal conditions. Here’s what you should know next time you’re working out in the cold:

Wear loose, light layers to insulate warm air

You’re going to want to stay warm when working in the cold for long hours, that’s why it’s smart to wear several loose, light layers of clothing to keep warm air trapped between and insulate your body.

You may consider wearing as few as three layers: the first layer being made of synthetic fabric, the second made of wool, and the top being wind and waterproof. While you may have a job that requires you to move a lot, causing your body to build up heat, it shouldn’t mean risking your life because the extra layers are limiting your movements.

There’s always a chance of suffering from frostbite even if you take every purchase. A work-related injury such as frostbite may allow you to claim workers’ compensation

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