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Baggage handlers are at risk of serious injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Work-Related Injuries |

Baggage handlers at airports have important jobs. Whether they’re taking a person’s checked luggage from them or putting them onto the planes, these individuals are at risk of suffering from injuries because of the weight of the luggage they have to move around.

Having the proper equipment and safety protocols in place is important for these workers. This can help them to avoid injuries that can cause them to miss work and need medical care.

How can baggage handlers minimize the risk of injury?

One of the most important things they can do is to use the equipment they have access to. This means putting baggage on conveyor belts or in carts to move around instead of trying to move the luggage themselves. When they do have to lift a bag or other items, they need to do so without bending over. Lifting with the legs instead of the back can help to prevent a lot of injuries.

Even though time is critical at airports, baggage handlers shouldn’t try to rush in a way that will cause them to use unsafe body movements. Twisting and jerking motions can lead to serious injuries if they have a heavy bag in their hands.

Workers’ compensation coverage is meant to help injured workers get the medical care they need. It also provides other benefits, such as partial wage replacement if they can’t return to work right away. Workers who won’t ever be able to do baggage handling again may also qualify for vocational rehab, which can help them to learn a new job skill so they can still support themselves. 

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