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Warehouse safety hazards

On Behalf of | May 18, 2022 | Workplace Accidents |

Working in a warehouse can be a dangerous job. Everywhere you look you’ll find a potential safety hazard. That’s why it is essential that employees are properly trained, have the right equipment and understand how to protect themselves on the job. Likewise, the warehouse management team needs to make sure that new employees are thoroughly trained and that all employees are kept up to date about safety measures and improvements. 

According to OSHA, there are over 7,000 warehouse facilities in the United States. Those facilities employ over 145,000 people and the industry continues to grow. OSHA regularly reviews its worker safety guide and expects that it will be followed by all employees and management.

Common warehouse safety hazards

Some potential hazards in the warehouse include:

  • Forklift accidents can occur due to operator error or lack of proper machinery maintenance.
  • Electrocution can be a risk due to faulty wiring or if wires are not properly grounded.
  • Improperly stacked boxes are a hazard to everyone. One wrong move and the boxes could come tumbling down and cause a serious injury.
  • Repetitive motion can cause carpal tunnel.
  • Fire hazards such as flammable liquids and faulty wiring can lead to a tragic fire.
  • Respiratory issues can develop if proper measures to mask and protect employees is not taken.
  • Clear access to exits must be available at all times. If boxes are piling up in front of an exit, there could be problems if the place needs to be quickly evacuated.
  • Conveyer belt accidents can occur if an employee does not properly tie back their hair or wear the correct clothing to avoid getting caught in a pinch hold.
  • Manual lifting of boxes and other objects needs to be done with caution to avoid a back injury or muscle strain.

If you work in a warehouse and have been injured, contact an experienced legal guide to discuss your legal options.

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