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Do you know the dangers associated with toxic chemical exposure?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Workplace Injuries |

Almost every industrial sector employee regularly works closely with toxic chemicals. They gain exposure to them while working in manufacturing, mining, fracking, and countless other job roles.

Many employees who work around toxic chemicals daily don’t realize the long-term implications of their exposure. The accumulation of toxins tends to build up over time, debilitating workers when they least expect it. 

How does the progression of symptoms work after toxic exposure?

Most individuals gain exposure to hazardous substances by inhaling or ingesting them or by contact through their skin. Sometimes, especially after an accident, the damage to a worker’s health is immediate and obvious. 

Often, however, workers don’t show any signs of health problems immediately following exposure to a toxic substance. The chemical involved, the amount of the exposure and the frequency of the contact with a given chemical all impact whether a worker experiences health issues. 

Most people can tolerate a certain amount of chemical exposure and eliminate any residual toxins through their waste. What workers have to concern themselves with, though, is any buildup of toxic chemicals in their bodies that goes undetected until they develop serious health issues down the road.

What can you do if your job is making you sick?

Everyday exposure to different toxic substances is a huge source of on-the-job injuries.  

Texas workers’ compensation laws may require your employer to provide you with compensated medical care and to cover your lost wages if toxic chemical exposure leads you to get hurt or to experience a health decline on the job. A workers’ compensation attorney can go over your right to compensation if your work impacts your health here in San Antonio. 

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