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Dropped object standards to prevent serious work injury

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2019 | Work-Related Injuries |

Dropped objects pose severe risks in Illinois and wherever work is done on different levels. Safety authorities adopted standards to mitigate dropped object hazards over a year ago, but such injuries continue to occur. Even a small object dropped from an elevated work area can cause a serious work injury if it strikes a worker at a lower level.

Employers must provide tool tethers, which are lanyards used to connect the tools to anchor points. Also, proper tool attachment point planning is required before work commences. These points are fitted to tools to serve as attachment points for the lanyards, and equally important is the pre-planning of the installation of secure anchor attachments to which tool lanyards must be tethered to prevent dropped tools.

The carrying and transportation of equipment and tools to and from the elevated workplace pose additional hazards. Standards to mitigate these risks involve bags and containers to hold materials that are hoisted up to the scaffold, roof or other elevated areas. Safety authorities underscored the importance of examining tethers and anchor points at the start of each shift, and to remove any damaged or malfunctioning safety equipment from service for repairs.

Any victim of a work injury that requires medical care might be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. These typically include coverage of medical expenses. If the injury is serious enough to prevent the worker’s return to work for several days, he or she might receive a wage-replacement package. The benefits claims process could be complicated, but an experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorney can simplify the entire process and provide support and guidance every step along the way.

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