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Motor vehicle accidents sometimes due to smartphone addiction

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Like most other states, Illinois roadways are often highly congested with traffic that is moving at highway speeds. It often takes great caution, alertness and swift reactions to avoid a collision. When drivers are addicted to smartphones, they tend to use their phones while driving, even when there are laws prohibiting it. In fact, many motor vehicle accidents are caused by distracted drivers who were using smartphones at the time.

One can often recognize a smartphone addict by certain symptoms. For instance, a person who becomes angry or agitated upon losing access to his or her phone is suggestive of addiction. This person might also have trouble sleeping at night due to too much blue screen light during the day. If he or she also has trouble keeping still without looking at his or her phone every few minutes, it is logical to assume that the individual has become addicted to the phone. 

If a person is scrolling through Facebook or Instagram while driving, his or her eyes are not on the road. A driver using a smartphone at the wheel is not focused on the task at hand, which creates a great danger to nearby travelers. This person might as well be driving blind.

Illinois motor vehicle accidents caused by smartphone users often have disastrous, if not fatal, results. State law allows accident victims or immediate family members of deceased victims to file personal injury or wrongful death claims against those whose negligence caused damages. A first logical step to take when considering filing such a claim is to schedule a meeting with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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