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Motor vehicle accidents: Driver inexperience often a factor

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Illinois travelers are often at risk for injury on or near the state’s roadways. Pedestrians, especially, must be cautious when crossing roadways or walking in areas where motor vehicle accidents can occur. Even if an on-foot traveler is paying close attention to surrounding areas, if a nearby driver is negligent, disaster can strike in an instant.

Sadly, a pedestrian tragedy occurred on a recent Saturday night. A 55-year-old woman who was walking along had no way of knowing it would be the last walk she’d ever take. A motor vehicle that was reportedly heading in a westbound direction at the time suddenly struck the woman.

As is common in situations like this, local police officers were among the first responders at the scene. The woman did not survive her injuries, however. Police later said that while the investigation remains ongoing at this time, they have no reason to believe the driver was in any way distracted when the accident occurred. The driver was, however, age 16, which suggests inexperience may have indeed been a factor.

Police cited the Illinois driver for failing to reduce vehicle speed to avoid a collision. Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians are especially tragic. Beyond the initial shock and sorrow a victim’s family typically experiences, such accidents also often cause financial distress due to funeral expenses or other issues related to a particular incident. In fact, such situations often lead to litigation in civil court, when immediate family members of those fatally injured seek financial recovery for their losses.

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