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Motor vehicle accidents: When wrong-way drivers cause them

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Like most other states, Illinois is often a dangerous place to travel. Any number of issues can lead to automobile collisions. A common factor in many fatal motor vehicle accidents is wrong-way driving. In fact, that appears to have been the cause of a recent incident that occurred just after midnight on a Sunday.

Investigators are still trying to piece all the facts together as to what may have caused a 36-year-old woman to drive in a northbound direction on a southbound lane. Her vehicle smashed head-on into an other car driven by a 54-year-old woman. Upon impact, one of the cars when into a spin, which sparked several other accidents. A Freightliner truck was hit as well as a car and a commercial bus.

The bus driver was taken to the hospital in serious condition, and numerous passengers from his bus who were injured were also transported to a nearby medical facility for treatment. Both drivers in the initial collision were fatally injured. Incidents like this one often lead to litigation.

When those deemed responsible for motor vehicle accidents in Illinois or elsewhere are counted among the fatalities, legal claims may still be filed against their estates. If an injured victim survives a crash, he or she may seek financial recovery for losses. An immediate family member of a deceased victim may do the same on his or her loved one’s behalf. A first logical step to take to pursue such a claim would be to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury law attorney.

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