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6 children, others hurt in Illinois motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Accidents happen on Illinois highways every single day. A recent motor vehicle accident involved out-of-state travelers. Such situations can be stressful, especially if litigation takes place in the aftermath of a particular incident that resulted in injury or death. The more a traveler knows ahead of time regarding how to obtain medical, legal or emotional support after an accident, the less stressful navigating such circumstances might be.

The tragedy that recently occurred resulted in numerous fatalities. A sport utility vehicle was carrying multiple occupants from out-of-state who were on their way to a wedding. A collision occurred between their vehicle and a tractor-trailer.

Sadly, five people died in the accident, all of whom were age 75 or older. A 59-year-old passenger who was also in the car survived her injuries. The highway was shut down for hours after the crash occurred. When accidents result in fatality, investigators must search for clues to determine who or what may have been a causal factor. No additional post-accident information has yet been reported in this particular case.

When an Illinois motor vehicle accident involves negligence, it often leads to a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit in court. In some situations, a victim may be deemed partially culpable for a collision. When such litigation is filed, it is up to the plaintiff to show evidence that the defendant’s actions were negligent and directly responsible for damages that occurred. Such cases can be quite complex and stressful, which is why most recovering victims or immediate family members of deceased victims hire experienced personal injury attorneys to represent them in court.

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