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Motor vehicle accidents often occur in early morning hours

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While one might think that traveling after midnight is safer than trying to navigate midday traffic, the fact is that Illinois roadways can be just as dangerous in post-midnight hours as they can at noon or during rush hour traffic. It all depends who a traveler happens to be sharing the road with; if there is a negligent or reckless driver nearby, anyone in the vicinity is at risk for injury. When motor vehicle accidents occur, some victims may escape unscathed while others suffer serious injuries or even death.

It was approximately 3 a.m. on a recent Sunday when several friends were traveling home together after attending a birthday celebration. Another vehicle suddenly crashed into their car from behind. The sudden impact sent the first vehicle spinning along the highway. It then ignited into flames.

A man who had been riding in the front passenger seat quickly discovered that his door was operable. He exited the vehicle and was also able to help extricate another passenger from the back seat. The man’s other friend, a young lady who had been taking college classes to become a meteorologist, was trapped inside the burning vehicle and later pronounced dead at the scene.

A civil court often issues monetary judgments against negligent drivers who cause motor vehicle accidents that result in injuries or death. A recovering victim may file a claim to seek financial recovery for damages. A spouse or another immediate family member may take similar action on behalf of a deceased accident victim in court. Because the plaintiff is tasked with proving to the court that negligence occurred in a manner that materially contributed to the injuries or death that occurred, most people who file claims in Illinois choose to act alongside experienced legal representation.

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