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Construction worker in critical condition re workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

Construction workers in Illinois and across the country often face danger on the job. Workplace injuries frequently occur in this industry; in fact, most lists regarding which jobs are most dangerous often list construction work in the top five. On a recent Wednesday, a tragic accident occurred at a construction site in another state.

A police officer was apparently the one who found an injured worker lying on the ground. The man had fallen from four stories high. When the patrolman found him, he was bleeding profusely from a head wound and was also barely breathing. Hospital officials listed the man in critical condition. This is a medical status given to people whose vital signs are unstable and who may be at risk of dying from their injuries.

Rescue workers transported the man to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment of life-threatening injuries. Investigators are now working to find answers to many questions, such as what caused the worker to fall and whether he hit anything on the way down. Plummeting four stories can cause injuries that result in partial or full permanent disability — that is, if the person survives.

When serious workplace injuries occur in Illinois, the recovery process often includes filing a workers’ compensation claim. Two of the main purposes for this employer-based insurance program are to help cover medical expenses and replace lost wages when on-the-job accidents cause injuries to workers. If a claim is denied, it is often possible to file an appeal. Speaking with an experienced workers’ comp attorney ahead of time can be quite helpful.

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