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Motor vehicle accidents: Man killed in head-on crash

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The Illinois Department of Transportation continues to monitor and make improvements to roadways to help ensure the safety of all travelers. Unfortunately, other factors, such as weather conditions and the behavior of other drivers, can affect the safety of other travelers. Unfortunately, one driver’s actions were likely what resulted in another man’s death in one of the area’s recent motor vehicle accidents.

The tragic crash occurred early in the morning while the drivers were traveling in opposite directions. After authorities investigated the crash, they determined that a truck driver crossed the center line into the opposite lane of traffic. Unfortunately, the crash resulted in a fatal head-on crash with an unsuspecting SUV driver. 

The 36-year-old man in the SUV suffered serious injuries and did not survive. Authorities closed the road in both directions for approximately six hours as they investigated the crash and cleared the scene. The truck driver who crossed the center line has been charged a traffic violation.

Sadly, motor vehicle accidents such as this one may result in serious injuries, property damage and death. Families of victims may be catapulted into grief and a myriad of medical and burial expenses. The aftermath is certainly overwhelming and difficult to process. Illinois personal injury attorneys are aware of the burden many families face after losing a loved one suddenly, and they can assist a family by filing different insurance claims. In some circumstances, advice may be offered on how to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against a presumed negligent driver. 

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