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Restoring Dignity & Control After An Injury 

Recovery for victims of Illinois workplace accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2018 | Workplace Accidents |

Anyone who has ever suffered injury in a workplace accident in Illinois or elsewhere understands the way such an incident can negatively impact one’s life. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may be partially, fully, temporarily or permanently disabled. In fact, even minor workplace accidents can cost you time off work and a lot of stress as you navigate the workers’ compensation system.  

It can be particularly stressful to deal with insurance agencies, whose job, basically, is to try to limit the amount of compensation you receive as much as possible. There were numerous changes to workers’ comp laws in this state in 2011; therefore, it’s critical that all injured workers seek clarification regarding those changes before filing benefits claims. One way to alleviate such stress is to ask an experienced workers’ comp attorney to act on your behalf.  

There is no reason you should have to bear the full burden of medical bills, time (and pay) lost from work during recovery or any other expenses associated with your accident, especially if your employer’s negligence caused your injury. Some injuries are undoubtedly worse than others, such as those involving brain trauma, spinal injuries or loss of a limb. The devastation families experience because of such accidents is far-reaching and long-lasting.  

The Law Offices of Million & Peskin, Ltd., in Illinois, has successfully supported many people injured in workplace accidents as they strove to protect their rights and obtain the maximum benefits they deserved. We are committed to helping our clients obtain strong support in as economically feasible a fashion as possible. You can schedule a meeting at no cost to you with one of our experienced attorneys by accessing the contact forms, conveniently located on our website. 

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