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Motor vehicle accidents often involve drug-impaired drivers

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A man who many people know from his presence in the MMA fighting world is now sitting behind bars in a county jail. Unless he can come up with $1.25 million dollars for bail, that is where he will stay for now. A series of motor vehicle accidents recently occurred in Illinois for which the man has been deemed responsible.  

Police who came to the scene of the three-car incident say they believe the MMA star was driving under the influence of drugs when his vehicle slammed into the rear end of the car in front of him. The impact of the hit sent the other vehicle careening off the road and into a tree. Meanwhile, the fighter’s car crashed again, hitting another vehicle moments later.  

Rescue workers worked hard to extricate the driver of the vehicle that landed against the tree. They immediately transported him to an area medical facility that was fully equipped to address his injuries. Sadly, he did not survive.  

As has been the case in many other Illinois motor vehicle accidents, authorities say that speed was also a causal factor in this tragedy. Prosecutors who filed charges against the MMA fighter reported that he had allegedly been boating with a friend earlier that day and had also been smoking pot before he got behind the wheel of his car to drive. If convicted, he may face up to 14 years in prison. Immediate family members of those who have suffered in similar situations may pursue justice by filing wrongful death claims on the behalves of their deceased loved ones. 

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