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Construction workers can prevent workplace accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Construction Accidents |

Workers in the construction industry in Illinois may be smart not to put their safety entirely in the hands of their employers. Even though the Occupational Safety and Health Administration put the responsibility of workplace safety squarely on the shoulders of employers, profits are often prioritized instead. There are precautions to take  for employees who are alert and aware to prevent workplace accidents.

Precautions start with attending all safety training sessions, even if they cover previously addressed issues. Being reminded of potential hazards might prevent complacency. Being complacent makes workers exceptionally vulnerable. Never going without appropriate personal protective equipment is equally important, even if years of doing the same tasks have not led to injuries. Protection of face, eyes, head, hands and feet is crucial — not to mention fall protection.

Falls are one of the most frequent causes of fatalities and catastrophic injuries in the construction industry. Workers should never get on ladders or scaffolds without inspecting them for defects. And wearing a safety harness will serve no purpose if the worker is not adequately trained in the proper use of the equipment, or if he or she fails to ensure all the various parts of the device are in good working order.

It is no secret that workplace accidents can happen at any time, though taking proper care might limit the chances of being injured. When construction workers suffer work-related injuries, it is often challenging to deal with medical bills and lost wages, particularly if the injuries cause temporary disability. Benefits claims could be filed with the Illinois workers’ compensation insurance system, and an attorney who is experienced in fighting for the rights of injured workers can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout the administrative and legal proceedings.

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