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Restoring Dignity & Control After An Injury 

Avoid a lifetime of pain by wearing proper footwear on the job

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents, Construction Workers' Accidents |

As a construction worker, you engage in dangerous activities while working. Climbing ladders, driving vehicles and handling machinery describes your daily life. You rely on protective gear to shield your body from injuries, and your required uniform should be comfortable enough to wear throughout long shifts during a hot Illinois summer.

Continuous wear and tear to the same tendons may not be felt in individual days or months. Yet years of uncomfortable footwear may leave you with an aching back and knees. Comfortable footwear not only makes working more enjoyable, but it leaves you with the ability to work extended shifts. Longer, less painful work stints result in more money for you and your company.

Wearing footwear that fits may save you from slowly injuring your body over time.

The result of improper shoes

Although OSHA requires construction footwear to be slip-resistant and puncture-resistant, laws do not require shoes that protect against long-term damage.

Long-term damage indicated by improper shoes can include:

  • Gradual knee and ankle tendon tears
  • Herniated disc in the spine
  • Neck pain and headaches

If your pain proves ineligible for worker’s compensation, your body may suffer along with your bank account.

The solutions: Arch support and shape

Shoes without arch support often cause pain throughout the body. No arch support in flat construction boots stops your body from absorbing the shock of each step, sending pain and pressure up through your legs. Buying soft inserts for required shoes  or work boots that relieve this pressure can save you from years of medical problems, expenses and future pain.

No two feet fit perfectly in shoes made for thousands of consumers. Many people have feet that are not even identical sizes. According to the Laser Spine Institute, buying shoes that conform to both your job and lifestyle is essential to ensuring the safety of your body.

Wearing protective gear saves you from bodily injuries now, but long-term damage to feet causes devastating injury in the future. Your work may require you to wear specific construction shoes or boots, but you may help safeguard your long-term health by ensuring they fit properly. Doing so may also help you avoid needing to file for workers’ compensation.

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