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Employer-employee collaboration can avoid manufacturing accidents

On Behalf of | May 1, 2018 | Uncategorized |

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes rules that intend to keep employees in factories and manufacturing plants safe and healthy. The agency also provides guidelines for Illinois business owners to establish cultures in which employers and workers collaborate to avoid manufacturing accidents. Some employers offer incentives to encourage employees to be involved in reporting potential risks and near misses.

Although the bottom line is likely the primary concern of every manufacturer, they must recognize the critical role employees play in this aspect of business. To improve profits, providing safety training is crucial. Workers must be aware of the hazards inherent to the particular facility, and they must also know how to identify them and what to do if they encounter them. Providing all workers with first-aid training can also go a long way in keeping workers safe.

Another important aspect of workplace safety is making sure only properly trained operators use the different types of equipment and that the necessary safety measures are in place. Along with safeguards and lockout/tag-out devices on machines to avoid contact with moving parts, personal protective equipment is essential. This includes protective eyewear, safety boots, aprons and any other required safety equipment.

Every step is vital in the production process of any product, and missing even single steps can cause catastrophic manufacturing accidents that could leave employees with life-changing injuries. In the event of such an incident, the Illinois workers’ compensation insurance program will cover the medical expenses and lost wages of the injured worker. Legal counsel can assist with the filing of benefits claims as well as with appeals if claims are rejected.

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