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Construction company employee dies in work-related accident

On Behalf of | May 23, 2018 | Work-Related Injuries |

Being informed that a loved one will not be coming home from work is naturally a traumatizing experience. Such news was delivered to two Illinois families on a recent Friday. An accident reconstruction officer of the Illinois State Police is part of an investigation into a fatal crash that occurred in Wayne County. A 31-year-old Fairfield man lost his life in a work-related accident, and a passenger suffered major injuries.

According to a crash report, the Fairfield man, who was a driver in the employment of a construction company, entered an intersection traveling west. He smashed into a northbound semi whose driver had allegedly disregarded a stop sign. His pickup truck went beneath the semi’s trailer, killing the pickup driver and causing serious injuries to a co-worker who was a passenger in the vehicle.

Reportedly, the 32-year-old seriously injured passenger was rushed to a hospital by helicopter. The 29-year-old driver of the semi had his wife and their 10-year-old child with them, but none of them were injured. According to authorities, charges may follow.

Workers’ compensation benefits are typically available following a work-related accident regardless of whether criminal charges are filed. The surviving family members of deceased workers might be eligible for survivors’ benefits, which typically cover end-of-life expenses and a financial package to make up for lost wages. Those workers who survived such accidents may claim compensation for medical expenses related to the incident along with lost wages. Legal counsel who is experienced in dealing with the Illinois workers’ compensation insurance system can provide the necessary support and guidance.

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