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Work injury: Take safety precautions while working in a mine

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2018 | Work-Related Injuries |

Illinois workers in the mining industry face multiple safety hazards. It will always be a risky business, and anyone who considers a career as a mine worker can limit the chances of suffering a work injury by learning about the potential hazards and taking preventative steps. The primary precaution is to remain alert and never ignore the danger. A moment of complacency can cause a fatal workplace accident.

Professional training is not only for new employees, and even seasoned mine workers can benefit from refresher training sessions. Safety training must include both practical and theory components, and tests to determine the fitness and health of workers can play a significant role in workplace safety. The importance of personal protective equipment must never be underestimated because helmets or hard hats have saved countless lives, and protective gloves and safety glasses can prevent life-changing injuries.

When employers sacrifice employee safety to meet deadlines, fatalities are often the result. Proper planning and communication between employers and employees are vital to ensure that all the potential risks are identified and dealt with before injuries occur. One way of keeping employees safe is by ensuring full compliance with safety regulations and documenting procedures for emergencies. There may be only minutes to save a life, and the event of a workplace accident will not be the time to learn what to do.

It might never be possible to eliminate all hazards in mines, but being aware and complying with safety regulations can go a long way to prevent a work injury. However, victims of workplace accidents can rely on the Illinois workers’ compensation insurance program to provide financial assistance that will cover medical expenses and lost income. Experienced legal counsel can help with the navigation of such a claim.

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