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Road construction accidents threaten workers’ lives

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2018 | Construction Accidents |

It will not be long before crews of road construction workers are out there to make Illinois roads safer by doing repairs, maintenance and improvements. Unfortunately, impatient and distracted vehicle operators often disregard the danger zones. Every year, lives are lost, and serious injuries suffered in road construction accidents that could have been avoided.

The recent onset of milder weather saw some workers repairing potholes in the vicinity of Interstate 72 in central Illinois. A report issued by the Illinois Department of Transportation states that one worker suffered critical injuries after being struck by a car on a recent Monday. Apparently, the driver knocked down three construction workers, two of whom suffered injuries not considered serious.

However, the third worker had to be rushed to a hospital by helicopter. An IDOT spokesperson says this victim remained in critical condition after undergoing emergency surgery. The Illinois State Police initiated an investigation into this accident. Authorities urged drivers to consider the hazards in construction zones, as multiple projects will soon be launched across the state.

Victims of construction accidents in Illinois might be unable to return to work for an extended period during which time the lack of income might cause anxiety. Fortunately, compensation for lost wages and medical expenses can be claimed through the workers’ compensation insurance system of Illinois. Navigating a benefits claim while incapacitated might be a challenge, and for this reason, many victims of on-the-job accidents choose to seek the support and guidance of an experienced attorney to handle the complicated legal and administrative proceedings.

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