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Falls on construction sites can be prevented

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2018 | Construction Accidents |

Construction workers in Illinois face life-threatening risks on every shift they work. Safety authorities maintain that falls cause a significant number of serious and even fatal injuries in the construction industry. Employers must follow safety regulations that can protect the health and safety of employees.

The reason for the high number of fall injuries is the fact that so many hazards that can cause falls exist. It is not only falls from heights that cause injuries but also those that result from slippery or uneven walking surfaces that can cause slips and trips. Insufficient lighting can compromise vision, and loose cables can add to the dangers.

When it comes to heights, fall hazards are abundant. While construction workers on different levels of a building are exposed to scaffold collapses, falls down elevator shafts and more, those working on roofs could fall off the edge or through skylights or other roof openings. The workers who install and clean windows of multi-story buildings have to face grave danger. Employers who assess the potential risks of every construction site and provide the necessary protection could prevent construction accidents from happening.

Unfortunately, not all construction company owners prioritize employee safety. Too many lives are lost, and injuries suffered in falls of workers whose employers failed to equip them with the necessary personal protective equipment. Victims of such accidents — or surviving family members — may seek financial relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system, and the support and guidance of an experienced Illinois attorney may simplify the complicated claims process.

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