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Suffered a neck injury at work? You’re not alone

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Though necessary, manufacturing facilities in Illinois are notoriously dangerous. Workers must handle lots of physical labor in a variety of dangerous environments, each of which pose serious threats to their safety. Whether an employer dropped the ball on safety standards or an accident led to injury, suffering a back or neck injury might not be that uncommon.

Some manufacturing workers engage in daily physical labor. For many, their backs take the heaviest toll of all. Whether they must lift and move heavy objects, engage in twisting and bending motions or use their back for any other serious labor, backs tend to take the brunt of much of the physical work. This can lead to serious injury from either repeated use or a one-time incident. Slipped or herniated discs and lower back injuries are especially common for workers.

Neck injuries are another common threat to the well-being of manufacturing workers. Job duties that require constant or specific movements can cause serious harm that makes carrying out work responsibilities impossible. Dangerous accidents — such as falling objects or machinery malfunctions — are frequent problems, and can also lead to severe neck injuries.

Suffering a back or neck injury can mean lifelong pain and suffering. Workers who suffer such a serious injury might not be able to return to their previous job, which can exacerbate any emotional trauma related to their injury. For most workers in Illinois, workers’ compensation benefits provide the necessary support after a serious injury, as lost wages, medical bills and even vocational rehabilitation are all usually covered.

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