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Safety preparedness prevented workplace injury in chemical fire

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Now and then a story is published that shows that not all employers disregard the safety and health of their employees. So many workers in Illinois and elsewhere are victims of on-the-job injuries because they work in unsafe environments where safety regulations are disregarded. When a fire broke out at a chemical factory in Illinois recently, the company was prepared, and all the workers were evacuated. As a result, not even one workplace injury was reported.

According to a sheriff’s report, a suspected technical malfunction caused a fire to break out in a chemical storage tank on a recent Thursday afternoon. Reportedly, alkali and an aluminum compound caused the blaze, which posed a particular challenge to firefighters. The reason for that was the fact that if water is added to this chemical combination, it could lead to an explosion. Furthermore, the fierceness of the fire is exacerbated by air, and firefighters had to use other chemicals to extinguish the flames.

While all this was happening, the personnel at the chemical plant were evacuated without any incidents. Reportedly, the people on the adjacent properties were also evacuated for their own protection. Emergency workers battled the fire for approximately one hour.

While employees at this company and their loved ones may have peace of mind about their employers’ commitment to worker safety, others are less fortunate. Fortunately, the Illinois workers’ compensation insurance program is there for any employee who suffers a workplace injury. The benefits offered typically cover medical expenses, and for those whose injuries prevent them from returning to work, there are usually also lost income benefits included.

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