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Hotel worker falls to his death in work-related accident

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

The threat of falling exists in any workplace, regardless of the industry. An Illinois office worker may not be at as much risk of falling as a construction worker, but the danger is present in a wide variety of work environments. A hotel in a neighboring state recently announced the tragic death of one of its employees in a work-related accident.

The police department says a fatal fall claimed the life of a 63-year-old man on a recent Tuesday evening. Reportedly, the man was a well-liked and efficient front desk employee of the hotel who did not hesitate to do tasks beyond his regular responsibilities. This characteristic might have been what led him to check on an elevator problem at about 6 p.m. that night.

Without realizing that the car was stuck on the second floor, the worker opened the doors to the elevator on the first floor. Without checking, he apparently stepped into the void and fell down the shaft, landing in the basement. He did not survive the fall. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was informed of the on-the-job fatality and will conduct an investigation. An independent investigation was launched already.

Any Illinois family who has lost a loved one in a work-related accident may find that the availability of survivors’ benefits could ease the financial burden caused by unanticipated expenses. Death benefits claims can be filed with the workers’ compensation insurance program for the state. These will typically cover the costs of a funeral and burial and provide lost income relief.

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