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Incremental injuries cause real harm, too

On Behalf of | May 25, 2017 | Blog |

Here in Chicago, much of our workforce works in industrial environments that present constant dangers to long-term safety. In many cases, industrial workers suffer incremental injuries that employers only recognize reluctantly.

On-the-job injuries come in many shapes and sizes, and some of them get easily overlooked. Depending on your work environment, you may suffer injuries that take time to make themselves apparent.

Just because your injury did not arise from a one-time incident, or is not readily apparent, does not mean that it isn’t serious. Some of the most debilitating injuries are those that build up over time and slowly erode your senses or abilities.

if you believe that you suffer from an industrial injury, but your employer does not want to acknowledge it as work-related, you should reach out to an experienced attorney who understands how to fight for your fair treatment. With proper guidance, you can pursue fair treatment and compensation for your injury.

Incremental industrial injuries require special understanding

The truth of the matter is that your injury is just as real as an industrial worker who suffers a fall and fractures a bone or some other, very obvious ailment.

Many injuries occur because of repetitive strain on a certain muscle group or part of the body. This is particularly true of the lower back and the hands.

Does your job involve frequent lifting and exertion? You may have nerve damage or disc damage in your spinal cord, or possibly a hernia somewhere in your torso.

Do you work with your hands, especially in a manufacturing position that requires excessive repetition? These kinds of jobs often lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or nerve damage in the hands, and sometimes permanent loss of some functionality.

If your work environment is loud, you may suffer incremental hearing loss. This can occur even if you wear approved hearing protection, depending on the nature of the noise and the length and frequency of your duration.

Similarly, if your job involves chemical exposure over a long period of time, you may find that eyesight or breathing suffer. This can occur even if you take proper precautions, depending on the chemicals involved and the length of your exposure.

Don’t wait to begin fighting for justice

If you suffered some form of work-related injury, you should not wait to begin fighting for fair compensation. Fair compensation helps you obtain the treatment you need to deal with the injury, but also recognizes permanent losses in functionality and the value of your suffering.

With proper guidance by an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, you can keep your rights secure as you seek justice for your work-related injury.

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