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Injured? Don’t let an employer force you back to work too soon

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2017 | Blog |

Every year, thousands of employees throughout the greater Chicago area suffer on-the-job injuries across every industry, and many of them must take time off of work to recover. Unfortunately, a surprising number of employers or their insurers begin to pressure employees to come back to work before they are fully healed from the injury.

Caught between what feels like a rock and a hard place, many employees cave to the pressure and return to work before it is medically wise to do so. Not only does this lead, in many cases, to subpar performance on the job, it denies an employee a proper recovery. Without a proper recovery, injured workers may suffer permanent disabilities that they might otherwise avoid.

The real pressure arises when an employer or insurer begins to suggest that the worker will forfeit ongoing workers’ compensation benefits if he or she does not return to work.

If you received similar notices from your employer or employer’s insurance company, you should absolutely consult with an experienced attorney. Proper legal counsel can help identify options you may not know you have and ensure that you do not place your recovery in danger for the sake of your job.

You deserve fair compensation during your full recovery

Make no mistake — your employer’s insurer does not put your needs or fair treatment first. The insurer primarily cares for its own bottom line, and then your employer. You and your injury are probably a distant third in this equation.

In order to remain profitable, an insurer will say that you must return to work before your should. It’s not right, and in many cases, it’s not even legal. However, this does not stop the practice from persisting.

An experienced attorney can help to determine how long you actually need to recover with the help your doctor and fight to ensure that you receive fair compensation for the entirety of that term.

You may deserve compensation from a past injury

If you already returned to work at the behest of your employer, the story is not over. A skilled attorney can help you evaluate the compensation you already received as part of your recovery and determine if you deserve additional compensation.

Many insurers may attempt to pay you less than you actually deserve. Sometimes, an attorney must lead them by the hand to ensure they make fair, reasonable payments to injured workers.

You are the one who suffered an injury on the job: There is no reason why you should bend over backwards for an employer who doesn’t want to treat you fairly.

Strong legal help fights for your future

You should not have to fight for fair treatment, but if you do, you should not fight alone. With proper legal counsel, you can let the law work for you and rest assured that your recovery and fair compensation remain the priorities.

An experienced attorney who understands Chicago’s legal system can help you receive what you deserve and fight to keep your rights and future secure.

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