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Fatal workplace injury kills employee of metal manufacturer

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Employees in manufacturing facilities in Illinois are typically exposed to many life-threatening hazards whenever they are on duty. Industrial facilities have scores of dangerous machinery and equipment, each posing unique dangers. Furthermore, in factories, there are always risks of workers falling from platforms, being struck by heavy objects and more. A fatal workplace injury at a metal manufacturer’s plant recently claimed the life of an employee.

Reportedly, a 57-year-old employee died while working in an industrial facility in Clinton. According to a preliminary report, a call about the incident was made shortly before 10 a.m. Emergency workers responded to the scene but found the employee already deceased. The county coroner pronounced him dead within 30 minutes after the emergency call was received.

Although the incident is reportedly still under investigation, the suspicion is that a palette holding metal for roof sheeting fell on top of the worker and killed him on impact. The coroner and police are working to determine the circumstances that caused the accident. The notice to the deceased worker’s family was still pending at the time of the media report.

This tragic workplace injury that turned out to be fatal was reportedly the first one to cause an on-the-job death in this Illinois county in 15 years. Nevertheless, the grieving family will have unanticipated financial hurdles to face in the aftermath of their loved one’s demise. These typically include the high costs of end-of-life arrangements along with the sudden loss of income. Workers’ compensation death benefits could ease the burden, and an experienced workers’ comp attorney can assist with the claims process.

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