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Restoring Dignity & Control After An Injury 

Injured Illinois workers have a right to choice of doctor

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

If you are an employee in Illinois, you may feel comfortable knowing that workers’ compensation insurance will provide benefits in the event of you suffer injuries in a workplace accident. However, when you file a workers’ compensation claim, you might not have a say in the choice of doctor. Your employer may send you to a company-appointed doctor that might look after the interests of the business and not yours. In some cases, the doctor declares the injured employee fit for work long before recovery is complete.

You may not realize that you may be entitled to go to your own doctor for treatment. However, to arrange this, you might need the help of the attorneys at the Law Offices of Millon & Peskin who serve workers in the Chicago metro area. One of our attorneys can explain how the 2011 changes to the law affect the rights of every employee to go to a doctor of his or her choice.

We can help arrange for you to see your own doctor. This can be accomplished by making the necessary telephone calls and writing the required letters. On your behalf, our lawyers will file the relative paperwork and see to it that the insurers and your employer receive the necessary documentation. Our knowledge and experience with the workers’ compensation system and its intricacies can go a long ways toward securing approval of the services of your chosen doctor.

With the support and guidance of the attorneys at the Law Offices of Millon & Peskin in Chicago, you can learn how to navigate the complex administrative and legal proceedings related to the filing of benefits claims with the workers’ compensation insurance system in Illinois. You can get answers to questions during free initial consultation with the lawyers at the Law Offices of Millon & Peskin. By exercising your right to your own choice of doctor, you can avoid returning to work before you have fully recovered from your injury.

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