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Misconceptions that Can Hurt Your Workers Compensation Case

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2012 | Chicago |

At the Law Offices of Millon and Peskin, few things are more frustrating than learning about an injured worker who has not received the help they need for their injuries. As experts in workers’ compensation, we know how vital these benefits are for preserving the health, wellness, and financial stability of those who have been hurt or sickened at work. But often, without professional legal assistance, their claims are denied or their benefits insufficient. When an injured worker does not obtain the legal help he or she requires, we ask ourselves, “Why?” And we try to understand what we could have done to ensure more of these workers are getting the help they deserve. Though the causes can be number and complex, often such workers fail to seek assistance due to three main areas of concern:

Feeling Intimidated

One reason an injured worker may not contact an attorney is that they are intimidated. For most lawyers, this is usually surprising to hear. While law and particularly legal language itself can be daunting, an attorney’s job is to make it accessible for their clients. Do you want your attorney to be confident, well-spoken, intelligent and impressive? Absolutely! But no attorney should ever bully, ignore or overwhelm their client. They should put their client at ease, anticipate their concerns and clearly answer any and all questions. At Millon and Peskin, our clients know from the first moment they contact us that we believe a good client-attorney relationship is fundamental to a successful outcome.

Concerned About Appearances

Sadly, some workers believe that hiring a legal representative will be seen as an aggressive or suspicious move on their part. They feel that their employer will be angered or resentful to learn that you have hired an attorney rather than simply “trusting” that you will be treated fairly. The reality is that workers’ compensation is, at heart, a legal construct. It is not simply insurance, and definitely not charity. Employers do not provide workers’ compensation insurance out of the goodness of their heart, but because they have been required to by the federal and state governments which oversee the program. Rest assured, your insurance provider, and likely your employer, uses attorneys in the processing of workers’ compensation cases. It is, simply, good business and a wise choice for all parties to consult with legal counsel. At Millon and Peskin, we realize that your goal is preserve your working reputation while still receiving your benefits. As your representatives, we will always act in your best interest.

Worried About Cost

Finally, one of the main reasons an injured worker fails to utilize the services of a workers’ compensation attorney is the assumption that they cannot afford one. In reality, not only is the cost often far less than they feared, but our clients typically find that ultimately the gain far outweighs the expense. First, utilizing an attorney often means that your benefits and awards will increase, off-setting your costs. Second, most find that the fees associated with legal representation are fair and affordable. Generally for workers’ compensation cases, Millon and Peskin charge a contingency fee. In other words, rather than paying hourly attorney costs out-of-pocket, you only pay a portion of your award. The benefit to this structure is that you only pay a fee if your case is successful. Also of benefit to our clients, we comply with Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act which sets this fee at 20% of your award recovery. For further information regarding this fee structure, contact an attorney workers compensation Illinois.

About the Author: Brooke Haley is a Marketing Associate at Millon & Peskin, Chicago workers compensation attorney that practice in the areas of Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury. Millon & Peskin is a General Civil Litigation Practice with the goal of representing the interests of injured workers, throughout all applicable Courts in the State of Illinois. For more information about Illinois workers compensation lawyer,please visit

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