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Communication Crucial for Workers Compensation Success

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2012 | Chicago, Workers' Compensation |

If you stop to think of the many ways we have to communicate with others, it can be staggering to realize how much this ability has grown over just a few decades. Not so long ago, tiny, pocket-size communication devices were literally a thing of science fiction. Today, a person who doesn’t have a cell phone is considered unusual. Those who once had to wait days or weeks to receive news of loved ones, now just log on to a social media site or blog. Why wait in line to talk to a representative at your bank when you can chat with them online instantly from your couch? And yet, it almost feels like the more ways we have to connect, the less communicating we actually do. Or perhaps it’s simply that with so many ways to easily reach out to others, someone’s failure to do so becomes even more apparent and frustrating.

For proof, ask a worker who has been injured on the job. Ask them how often phone calls and emails to their employer and workers’ compensation insurance providers go unreturned. And then ask them how those delays affected them both financially and emotionally. Now imagine how it feels for that worker to turn to an attorney for help and to find that, once again, they are being ignored and kept in the dark. Any time a person fails to return your calls and emails, or fails to keep you in the loop, it can be irritating. But when you have put your trust and faith in that person to handle such a vital issue, lack of communication can potentially mean more. At best, that person might be absent-minded, disorganized or inconsiderate. At worst, they may be unprofessional or incompetent. Which begs the question: who would want any of those characteristics in an attorney representing their case? A successful claim can hinge on choosing a Chicago workers compensation attorney who understands the importance of communication.

At the Law Offices of Millon and Peskin, they believe, “close communication between the client and the attorney is of paramount importance, as an informed client is a satisfied client. Through close communication, a client is better represented and educated with respect to often complex laws governing their case.” Workers’ compensation cases are complex. Often, small details can make the difference between success and failure. Without effective communication, vital information can fall through the cracks, disintegrating a client’s case. Millon and Peskin know that vast legal knowledge and experience is one part of building a successful case. Ultimately, few things are as important as understanding their clients, knowing their story, and earning their respect and trust.

About the Author: Brooke Haley is a Marketing Associate at Millon & Peskin, Chicago workers compensation attorney that practice in the areas of Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury. Millon & Peskin is a General Civil Litigation Practice with the goal of representing the interests of injured workers, throughout all applicable Courts in the State of Illinois. For more information about Illinois workers compensation lawyer,please visit


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