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Physician Background Checks in Illinois

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2010 | Uncategorized |

Whether you are following through on a referral made by a trusted friend or even thumbing through the pages of your insurance network of physicians, choosing a good healthcare provider can often lead many to speculate on the medical history of that doctor before calling to make the first appointment.

Since 2008 the IL Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has been aiding its online users in their decisions on choosing the right doctor by providing access to the medical profiles of all doctors licensed to practice in Illinois. Information concerning malpractice judgments or settlements, felony or Class A misdemeanor convictions, disciplinary measures taken by the state or hospitals within the last five years was made readily available to anyone performing a search on the department’s website.

However, as of February of 2010, this feature was removed from the site. This window of knowledge has been shut and sealed leaving many outraged citizens questioning their patient rights and looking for alternate sources of information regarding physician histories.

Take a look at two common resources that are available before setting off on a full scale investigation into your physician’s past.

Commercial Websites

The internet offers a range of organizations offering services that are designed to perform doctor “background” checks with just the click of your mouse. Be mindful when choosing this sort of service provider as some may assess a fee to obtain information that may otherwise be free on other nonprofit websites.

Medical Associations

Nationally recognized medical associations often possess the most reputable and comprehensive information regarding physician histories by offering a well maintained database that includes a doctor’s medical affiliations, awards or certificates and areas of specialty. Many organizations of this nature require that a physician meets a high standard of service, achieved a certain level of skill and has demonstrated the desire to seek on-going training in their area of expertise in order to secure membership and recognition.

Choosing a good doctor may require a bit of research on the patient’s part however, the work that goes into finding the best care for you and your family is well worth the time. Taking time to perform a search on the history of your doctor may mean the difference between choosing to receive high quality care from a reputable medical professional or becoming subject to medical malpractice at the hands of someone you trusted.

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