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Work Related Back Injuries

Individuals who must lift heavy objects or provide manual labor are trained to lift properly. People who work in "average" jobs are not always trained in lifting. Whether you work in construction or provide office support proper lifting technique is essential knowledge in remaining healthy. Causing back strain can be as simple as lifting a ten pound object while twisting. The first thing to know in preventing back injuries is proper lifting and carrying technique. Follow these simple steps to lessen the probability of back strain:

Workers’ Compensation in the News

September 11, 2001 is a day that most Americans will never forget. It was a day of tragedy, heroism, and the beginning of a long fight to move forward. Although the tragedy occurred almost nine years ago, the date 9/11 and Ground Zero continues to make headlines. In recent news, there is controversy about building a mosque so close to Ground Zero and whether or not it is an appropriate place for one. There are also headlines about the firefighters and other first responders and workers’ compensation. Advocates are urging the first responders to file for future workers’ compensation before the deadline this September.

How to Locate a Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you find yourself in a legal situation because of a work related incident or injury, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation. Finding a lawyer could require a lot of research and time to hire the lawyer that will accurately represent you in the hopes of winning your claim or lawsuit. You should not hire the first lawyer that you see on a television commercial or the first person in a directory or phone book listing. Here are some tips and places where you can locate a Chicago workers compensation lawyer.

POWER: A Memo from the White House

On July 19th the President released a memorandum regarding federal worker’s compensation that can be found on the White House’s web page. The subject of the memo read, “The Presidential POWER Initiative: Protecting Our Workers and Ensuring Reemployment.” President Obama is establishing a four year initiative, starting in 2011, to improve workplace conditions, reduce the number of job related injuries, and to reemploy more workers. The POWER initiative was brought into place because of the large amount of worker’s compensation that was paid out in 2009. Here is a preview of the POWER initiative. The memorandum can be found at

Workplace Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Injuries that occur at work or that are work related are common in the workplace. Some professions such as construction, factories, or sports for example are more susceptible to staff members incurring an injury. Some injuries can also occur outside of the workplace but are still work related injuries. There are some injuries that occur more often than others. It is important to create a safe working environment to avoid serious injury or even death. Here are some common workplace injuries and how you can avoid them.

Average Cost of Attorneys

Being involved in a lawsuit can be very stressful, emotional, time consuming, and costly. Fortunately for attorneys and their clients, there are ways to work around these obstacles. Some attorneys may agree to work at no charge for their party which can relieve financial burden. Clients may also seek out some sort of funding through a lawsuit loan for example. Good attorneys that are highly qualified can charge high fees for their services. The average cost of an attorney can range from state to state and from case to case. Here is at an average cost of an attorney for a personal injury or worker’s compensation claim.

Legal Benefits of Worker’s Compensation

If you or a loved one is injured at work or from a job related duty, workers’ compensation could be the answer to your financial stress if you are unable to work because of the injury. In the state of Illinois, workers’ compensation is a wage replacement system designed to pay the injured worker both medical benefits and lost wages during his or her period of incapacity from work. The wage replacement system also entitles the injured worker to legal benefits from their claim. If you do file for compensation with your employer, you give up the rights to sue. Here are some of the legal benefits you are entitled to.

Worker’s Compensation Eligibility

If you find yourself in a situation at work where you are injured or have become ill, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation also known as workers’ comp. There are benefits that can be helpful if you qualify such as medical treatment, compensation for lost wages, rehabilitation, or money due to a permanent disability that impairs you from working. Before you qualify for workers’ compensation, you should know what makes you an eligible recipient. You can contact a lawyer who specializes in this area to help you file your claim if you think you qualify for the compensation.

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