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Can I sue my employer for a workplace injury? P.2

Previously, we began exploring the issue of whether an injured employee has the ability to sue their employer for damages. As we pointed out last time, there are several exceptions to the “exclusive remedy” rule here in Illinois. We’ve already looked briefly at the intentional conduct exception.

Can I sue my employer for a workplace injury?

Workers’ compensation benefits are a critical resource for those who are injured on the job. This is especially so because, in most cases, workers’ compensation benefits are the exclusive remedy available to workers who becomes injured on the job. The fundamental agreement or trade-off at the heart of the workers’ compensation system is that employers give up the right to sue their employer in court for damages associated with workplace injuries in exchange for the right to receive benefits through the workers’ compensation system without reference to fault.

How Much Is My Workers' Compensation Case Worth?

That is probably the most frequently asked question we hear from new Workers' Compensation clients when we first meet with them in our office.  It is a fair and reasonable inquiry.  Probably, 95 times out of 100, the most honest and intelligent answer we can give at that time is, "I don't know, yet." 

Insurer ordered to cover ongoing care for manager shot 12 times

A very interesting workers' compensation case recently came to a close in the state of Nebraska concerning whether a clothing company and its work comp insurer were obligated to cover the costs of post-traumatic stress disorder and drug treatment for an employee shot multiple times while on the job.

Professional athletes and the lure of California's work comp laws - II

In our previous post, we discussed how California's favorable workers' compensation laws caused many professional athletes to file work comp claims there and how this state of affairs prompted the professional sports leagues to start pressing state lawmakers to take steps to change the work comp laws as they related to professional athletes.

Professional athletes and the lure of California's work comp laws

California has made headlines in the area of both workers' compensation law and professional sports over the last year thanks to its passage of Assembly Bill 1309, a measure designed to prohibit the majority of athletes from filing work comp claims in that state.

Victory in work comp case comes down to a matter of inches

It is not often that a case involving a dispute over workers' compensation benefits makes national headlines, but a recent case out of New Jersey in which an injured worker literally prevailed by a matter of inches has people all over the country talking.

Proposed law would deny work comp for non-work crashes

Over the next few months, the legislative agenda here in the state of Illinois will slowly begin to take shape and lawmakers will once gear again up for multiple rounds of spirited debate. In fact, one of the issues that lawmakers might end up debating is the possibility of a new limit on workers' compensation.

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