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The toll of slips, trips and falls on the U.S. workforce

The unfortunate reality is that most people think that work injuries simply couldn't happen to them. They think that they are reserved solely for those men and women who make their living in inherently dangerous occupations, perhaps using heavy machinery or being exposed to hazardous materials.

Care over the keyboard: Tips for preventing carpal tunnel

Every day, people throughout Chicago take off their coats, pull out their chairs and sit down at their desks for another day of work. This of course means another eight to ten hours spent sitting in front of their computer monitors, pounding away at a keyboard while they prepare reports or enter figures into a spreadsheet.

Study reveals startling injury rate among health care workers

Hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities are probably not the first places that come to mind when discussing the incidence of serious and debilitating work injuries. However, a recently released report by a renowned research institute suggests that these work environments can actually prove to be rather unsafe for medical professionals.

Why are municipalities denying reimbursement to first responders?

A very interesting legal battle is currently being waged here in Illinois between local municipalities and injured first responders over the issue of reimbursement for medical expenses.

Work Related Back Injuries

Individuals who must lift heavy objects or provide manual labor are trained to lift properly. People who work in "average" jobs are not always trained in lifting. Whether you work in construction or provide office support proper lifting technique is essential knowledge in remaining healthy. Causing back strain can be as simple as lifting a ten pound object while twisting. The first thing to know in preventing back injuries is proper lifting and carrying technique. Follow these simple steps to lessen the probability of back strain:1. Create a load you can carryDo not stack items which can slip or slideWhen placing multiple items in a box do notput too many heavy object togetherUse tools like lifting sraps if necessaryAsk for help when something is too heavy2. Get into the right position!Place your feet shoulder width apartIf the object is small enough place one foot behind itand the other next to it3. Get as close as possible to the object you're liftingBend at the knees NOT the waist (in a squatting stance)4. Grip the object firmlyGet your arms around as much of the object as possibleUse your entire hand when gripping5. Stand up smoothlyKeep the object closeUse your legs to lift NOT your backKeep your back as straight as you can6. Do not twist at the waistWhile walking turn your feet and follow with yourentire body (as if you were marching)7. Sit the object down carefullyUse the same squatting stance and straight backas you did when you lifted itIt is also easier to place the object on the highestsurface possible (counter or table rather than floor)This is the best way to prevent back injuries when lifting. Keeping your muscles strong through proper nutrition and exercise is also helpful. If you lift regularly you should focus on your abdominals, leg/thigh muscles, and try back strengthening exercises. Don't overwork your body. Listen to your body's cues and take a break when you need to. Becoming tired and rushing through your work leads to improper lifting and carrying.If you do feel back pain when lifting stop immediately. Tell someone right away and follow your company's procedure for reporting a workplace injury.Be aware of your company's policy prior to needing it! Know how they provide workers' compensation and what steps to take to get your benefits. If your company does not follow through with policy you will need legal representation. Remember, you don't have to work in a manual labor position to end up needing workers' compensation. Just this year in Chicago a medical student found herself in need of benefits. When her needs were not met she contacted a Chicago workers compensation attorney to assist her with attaining workers' compensation. In any work place you should use caution and proper techniques when lifting and know your procedures and rights when it comes to filing for workers' compensation.About the Author: Brooke Haley marketing associate at Millon & Peskin, Chicago workers compensation lawyer that practice in the areas of Civil Litigation, Workers’ Compensation, and Personal Injury. Millon & Peskin is a General Civil Litigation Practice with the goal of representing the interests of injured workers, throughout all applicable Courts within the State of Illinois. For more information, please visit
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