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Staying safe in a machine shop

As a new machine shop apprentice, you may be unfamiliar with all the dangers that are present in your work environment. There are hazards lurking around every corner that can cause harm to a machinist. From minor cuts to amputations and even blindness, there are very dangerous accidents that could happen to you any time you walk onto the shop floor.

Improving Your Childs Safety Away From Home

From play dates to sleep-overs, through their lifetime your child will likely spend a lot of time at friends’ homes. As separation anxiety fades, these visits get easier for both of you as your child ages. And yet, every new household brings a new set of risks. While it’s important to encourage your child’s independence, it’s equally important to make certain they are entering a safe environment. Most parents know to ask basic questions about supervision, house rules, etc. before entrusting their child to another household. But too often they fail to consider those areas of risk that are often responsible for childhood accidents in a home. To ensure the safety of your child at all ages, discuss these common household hazards with any adult whose home your child will be visiting.

Disney One of Many Parks Cited For Safety Violations

Like other theme parks, the “happiest place on earth” occasionally becomes a not-so-happy place for its employees. Recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited Walt Disney World for safety violations as a result of a fatal accident involving a park worker. This incident follows on the heels of another high-profile death in the park of a monorail driver, as well as numerous others over the years. Sadly, while on the surface these theme parks seem a safe place to indulge in entertainment and a few thrills, they have proven to have a dangerous side for employees and guests alike.

Recent Disasters Offer Reminder to Plan Ahead

Many on the East Coast of the United States were recently reminded how unprepared they were for Mother Nature’s whims. An unprecedented earthquake that rattled buildings and people from the Deep South to Canada was swiftly followed by Hurricane Irene which swept up the Atlantic coast from the Bahamas. While somewhat familiar with hurricanes, Easterner’s certainly could not have predicted an earthquake for the area. And lately, many areas of the U.S. have seen such unusual events, from deadly outbreak of multi-state tornadoes to devastating wildfires in drought-stricken areas. Such events remind us that not only are we not immune from nature’s wrath, but that planning now for even unlikely disasters can save lives and property.

Improving Your Motorcycle Safety

With winter in the rearview mirror and gas prices on the rise, roadways are seeing an increase in motorcycle traffic. While a motorcycle’s combination of fun and fuel efficiency make it seem like the perfect transportation alternative, motorcycles also come with greater risk. Studies show that motorcyclists are thirty-five times more likely than a car driver to be killed in an accident. Simply, there are no bumpers, seat belts, or airbags between a biker and another vehicle or the pavement. Therefore, it is of vital importance that drivers take every opportunity to improve their safety while operating a motorcycle.

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

In December 2010, shocking news emerged that five young men, ranging in age from sixteen to nineteen, were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning while in their Florida hotel room. The teens’ hotel room was situated over a closed garage in which a car was left running. The car’s exhaust created a fatal accumulation of carbon monoxide which vented into the hotel room, causing their deaths. Sadly, this tragedy could easily have been prevented. Despite a law requiring them, life-saving carbon monoxide detectors were not found anywhere in the hotel.

OSHA Educates on Workers Rights

The adoption of the Occupational Safety and Health Act in 1970 allowed for the creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The function of OSHA is to reduce hazards for workers in the United States in part through the creation of required safety standards in the workplace. Today, many employers are required to adopt either OSHA’s safety standards or state-created standards that are approved and monitored by OSHA. Ideally, employers diligently comply with these standards voluntarily. However, OSHA recognizes that at times it is necessary for employees to report noncompliance and potential hazards in their workplace. In order to better educate employees on protecting their rights, OSHA created the handbook “Employee Workplace Rights”. While OSHA provides many regulations which protect worker safety, this handbook highlights two of the most vital rights an employee has -- the right to information and the right to promote safety.

Safety Stocking Stuffers

This holiday, no doubt you plan to fill your stockings with candy, toys and fruit. But somewhere in between the tiny bottles of bubble bath or peanut butter filled chocolates, tuck in some truly useful auto safety tools to help keep you and your loved ones safe this season and next.

Safe Driving Tips for Teens

One of the most nerve-wracking moments of any parent’s life is the first time you turn the car keys over to your newly licensed teen. Whether we are too aware of the dangers of driving, or remember our own mistakes as a teen driver, it’s almost impossible to feel completely comfortable watching our teen drive away. While we can’t protect them completely, in addition to teaching them driving laws, there are a few rules parents can put in place to help teenage drivers stay safe.

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