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Exposure to metal dust can cause serious injury

Workers in foundries and other metal processing plants in Illinois and across the country are at significant risk of developing long-term health problems. The risk is exacerbated because the damage only becomes evident when it is already at an advanced stage. Unlike any other serious injury, like a fractured leg that can be treated immediately, toxic metal dust can accumulate in the body of a worker without his or her knowledge.

Work-related accident kills 1, sends a co-worker to the hospital

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was at the scene of a grain bin accident in Illinois on a recent Wednesday afternoon. Several teams of rescuers were involved in the effort to bring two workers to safety. Sadly, only one survived this work-related accident. According to the Manteno Fire Chief, an emergency call came in at about 11 a.m., and rescue teams rushed to the grain elevator.

Cold temperature cause of many workers' compensation claims

Along with the freezing weather this winter, comes the hazards of cold stress for outdoor workers in Illinois and across the Midwest. Low temperatures and strong winds cause many workplace injuries and related workers' compensation claims each year. Safety authorities say employees must receive training in how to recognize the signs and symptoms of cold stress in themselves and their co-workers.

Dropped object standards to prevent serious work injury

Dropped objects pose severe risks in Illinois and wherever work is done on different levels. Safety authorities adopted standards to mitigate dropped object hazards over a year ago, but such injuries continue to occur. Even a small object dropped from an elevated work area can cause a serious work injury if it strikes a worker at a lower level.

Work injury: Cold stress can be deadly

Heading toward January, which is typically the coldest month in Illinois, employers must review their safety protocols and arrange safety training to ensure employees know the risks of cold stress. The effects of cold stress cause many a work injury. Workers must learn about the different types of cold stress and the red flags to look out for in themselves and co-workers.

Safety violations expose firefighters to serious injury hazards

The Illinois Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently released a list of the top five safety violations that agency inspectors identified at fire departments across Illinois in the 2019 fiscal year. The agency hopes to reduce the serious injury incidents that happen when safety standards are violated. Number one on the list involves the lack of respiratory protection that exposes firefighters to harmful vapors, fumes, dust, fog, gases, sprays and smoke.

Chicago company faces work injury penalties exceeding $250,000

Employees of companies that are placed on the Severe Violator Enforcement Program of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are at a significant disadvantage. When work injury hazards are left unaddressed, chances of suffering severe or fatal injuries increase. This is the fate of the workers of a Chicago masonry company. Work is hard to come by, and the employees of the company might have no other choice than knowingly putting their lives on the line each day

Rescuers save trapped man from auger in work-related accident

Many workers risk their lives in coal mines across Illinois each day. A work-related accident can happen in the blink of an eye, and compliance with safety standards is essential. Occupational Safety and Health Administration authorities note that all workplace injuries are preventable by following prescribed rules and guidelines.

Work-related accident sends 3 Illinois workers to burn center

It took fire crews only three minutes to respond to the scene of a flash explosion in Chicago on a Wednesday morning earlier this month. However, battling the blaze kept them busy for several hours, during which time their first task was to rescue workers who were involved in this work-related accident. The explosion occurred at a tank cleaning company in East Chicago.

Lack of hand safety protocols can lead to work injury

Employers in Illinois are responsible for the health and safety of their employees. This includes the prevention of hand injuries. Along with providing protective gloves, safeguards on equipment with moving parts are crucial. The fact that workers use their hands for almost every job they do underscores the need for effective safety protocols. It is the task of each employer to assess potential workplace hazards to prevent work injury.

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