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What does analysis of 25 years of work injury causes reveal?

Safety authorities in Illinois and other states gather injury data throughout each year to analyze it and find ways to improve workplace safety. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported interesting findings after processing work injury and fatality data collected over 25 years. The information was obtained from 1992 through 2016, and the results show that analyzing the injuries and causes have led to improved workplace safety.

Violating safety rules can cause fatal work-related accident

Confined spaces pose some of the most significant hazards to workers in various industries nationwide, including Illinois. Safety authorities say a better understanding of the dangers of confined spaces and the safety regulations could help keep workers safe. They say compliance with the rules, which could be confusing, can prevent a fatal work-related accident.

Workplace head injury claims life of water commission employee

Federal and state safety authorities require employers to mitigate all known safety hazards to protect the health and safety of employees, regardless of the industry. However, known risks are sometimes overlooked, and the consequences can be devastating. Such was the case earlier this month when an Illinois worker suffered a head injury that led to his death.

Many work injury threats are wrongly regarded as insignificant

Many of the millions of occupational injuries that occur nationwide each year are caused by hazards deemed insignificant. While each workplace in Illinois might have unique hazards, some common work injury risks exist in all facilities, from kitchens to offices, factories, construction sites and more. Safety authorities say a significant percentage of injuries can be avoided if employers and employees familiarize themselves with these dangers and stay alert to identify and mitigate them.

Snow removal poses serious injury hazards in Illinois

Employers must provide work environments that will protect the health and safety of employees. This is a significant responsibility for business owners in Illinois who offer snow and ice removal services. These activities pose serious injury hazards, particularly if the jobs involve working on roofs, and employers need to plan such projects with care after considering all potential risks.

Fatal work-related accident at ADM facility prompts investigation

Grain facilities nationwide, including Illinois, pose many safety hazards. One of the life-threatening dangers at these facilities involve the risks of grain dust fires and explosions. The Illinois based global food processing corporation, ADM, is currently the subject of an Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation. This inquiry follows a fatal work-related accident that killed one person and injured another at one of the company's grain processing facilities.

Winter in Chicago is the time to focus on work injury prevention

In Chicago, January means extreme cold with icy winds and snow. Winter weather in Illinois makes workers in all industries more susceptible to be victims of occupational injuries. A weather-related work injury is not limited to those who work outdoors, and it can even occur indoors.

Work-related accident causes fatal injuries to 30-year-old worker

Employers in Illinois and across the country must protect employees from harm in the workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes regulations for all industries, and compliance can prevent any work-related accident. However, many workers are exposed to life-threatening hazards every day because their employers fail to provide work environments that are free of known dangers.

Falling palm tree causes head injury to landscape worker

The police department of an Illinois village reported its response to an emergency when a landscape worker suffered workplace injuries. Officers from the village's public safety department also rushed to the scene to attend to the worker who suffered a head injury. According to an incident report, it was a construction-related accident that occurred on a recent Wednesday.

Work injury precautions for those with robotic co-workers

With the rapid advancement in robotics, more and more workers in Illinois and elsewhere find themselves sharing their work areas with robots. The existing safety standards to prevent robot-related work injury are being reviewed and updated. Along with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the National Safety and Health Institute and the American National Standards Institute play roles in regulating the safety of industrial equipment and the use of robotics.

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