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Workplace Injuries Archives

Postal employee in another state suffered workplace injuries

Many Illinois postal workers will agree that this government job can sometimes be quite stressful. For some workers, such as those who drive postal vehicles during the normal course of duty, the risk for workplace injuries is high, especially in high-traffic areas or when a nearby driver is reckless or negligent. Police in another state are currently investigating a collision that recently occurred that sent a postal worker on an air flight to a hospital.

Construction worker in critical condition re workplace injuries

Construction workers in Illinois and across the country often face danger on the job. Workplace injuries frequently occur in this industry; in fact, most lists regarding which jobs are most dangerous often list construction work in the top five. On a recent Wednesday, a tragic accident occurred at a construction site in another state.

Workplace injuries are not always physical

If an Illinois worker suffers injury on the job, he or she may report the incident to his or her employer and file a claim to collect benefits to help pay medical expenses, replace lost wages or help alleviate other costs associated with the injury. It's common to think of physical workplace injuries, such as burns or broken bones that may be suffered in a sudden accident. There are also occupational injuries, such as repetitive strains that develop over time and can cause partial or full, permanent disabilities. 

Illinois workplace injuries: Where to seek support

Many Illinois jobs are inherently dangerous, such as construction or railroad work, as well as many times of factory jobs and public service duties. People employed in these industries are at risk for workplace injuries. However, it is one thing for a complete mishap to occur and quite another for an employer's negligence to cause a worker to suffer injury.

Workplace injuries: Illinois motorists often endanger flaggers

While driving through Illinois and other states, it is common to see construction zones along the highway at any time of the day or night, especially during the summer. Road work often creates traffic jams, which causes some motorists to become impatient and angry. When these drivers try to take matters into their own hands to get around the traffic, instead of following the directions of the flaggers posted at the sites, it can result in workplace injuries. 

Workplace injuries lead to tragedy for demolition worker

Demolition work is inherently dangerous and most Illinois workers who earn their livings in the destruction industry understand the risks involved. However, their employers are obligated to provide proper training and safety equipment to lower their injury risks as much as possible. A project manager in another state suffered serious workplace injuries when a building blast went wrong and debris blew clear across the road.  

Vocational rehabilitation could help you get back to work

Sometimes, after a work-related injury, it is tough to resume job duties. Imagine that you suffered an injury while working in a machine shop. The injury did damage to your hand, limiting your ability to perform the same duties you had before the accident. To return to work, you will have to learn a new skill. This is where vocational rehabilitation comes into play.

Can I choose a doctor if I am injured at work in Illinois?

Getting injured on the job is something no one expects or feels fully prepared for. Not only are you dealing with your workers' compensation claim, but you want to focus on your health and recovering from your injuries. You want a doctor who you are sure will have your best interests in mind, and one who won't send you back to work before you are physically able and ready to return to work. Does Illinois workers' compensation law allow you to choose your own doctor if you are injured at work?

How loud noise greatly increases the risk of serious work injuries

Anyone whose job requires them to work in loud conditions knows from firsthand experience just how challenging it can sometimes be to get work done or even communicate with fellow workers. However, a recently released study shows that these loud conditions may actually be putting you at risk of a serious work injury.

Teen worker injured at Illinois snowboarding hill

Though the snow and cold this winter has brought has been difficult for many residents of the state of Illinois, for those who enjoy participating in winter sports the snow has been a great thing. To accommodate these people many facilities, such as snowboarding parks have hired workers. Unfortunately one teen who works at a Chicago area park was recently injured when his arm became caught in a conveyor lift. The worker is 17-years-old.

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