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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Emergency airlifts often follow serious motor vehicle accidents

An Illinois hospital recently prepared to receive an incoming emergency. A 15-year-old girl was being flown to the facility from the scene of multi-vehicle collision. Police have reportedly issued a traffic citation to one of the drivers involved. Motor vehicle accidents like this one are often fatal; thankfully, everyone involved in this incident survived. 

Can you decrease your chances of motor vehicle accidents?

Illinois roadways are often busy, chaotic places. Some days, you might breathe a great sigh of relief when you finally reach your destination safely. There is no guaranteed way to avoid motor vehicle accidents although there are several ways to improve your own safety while you drive.

Illinois drivers at risk for motor vehicle accidents

When you get behind the wheel of a car to drive on an Illinois roadway, you are obligated to adhere to all state traffic and safety regulations. Motor vehicle accidents often occur when drivers fail to so. The problem is that no matter how well you adhere to state laws or how alert and cautious you are while driving, there is little to nothing you can do about another person's driving behavior.  

Motor vehicle accidents: Recovery resources for victims

Sometimes, things happen in life that have long-lasting or even permanent consequences. In some situations, such consequences may bring added reward and blessing to a life, while others leave long paths of sorrow and devastation in their wakes. Illinois motor vehicle accidents are often among the latter, resulting in many serious injuries and fatalities every year.  

Motor vehicle accidents: Man killed in head-on crash

The Illinois Department of Transportation continues to monitor and make improvements to roadways to help ensure the safety of all travelers. Unfortunately, other factors, such as weather conditions and the behavior of other drivers, can affect the safety of other travelers. Unfortunately, one driver's actions were likely what resulted in another man's death in one of the area's recent motor vehicle accidents.

Illinois motor vehicle accidents: Aftermath support is available

It's no secret that Illinois roadways can be dangerous places. If you commute to work every day, you've likely had a few close calls involving drivers who cut you off on the highway. Motorists who fail to yield rights of way at merge points also place themselves and others at risk for injuries. Motor vehicle accidents happen every day and in every state throughout the country.

Motor vehicle accidents often involve drug-impaired drivers

A man who many people know from his presence in the MMA fighting world is now sitting behind bars in a county jail. Unless he can come up with $1.25 million dollars for bail, that is where he will stay for now. A series of motor vehicle accidents recently occurred in Illinois for which the man has been deemed responsible.  

Medians are often factors in motor vehicle accidents

Many Illinois highways are divided by median strips. They are designed to keep motorists in opposing lanes of traffic as safe as possible. However, many motor vehicle accidents occur because a driver veered out of his or her lane, through the median and into oncoming traffic. 

Motor vehicle accidents: Justice for victims of preventable loss

Drunk drivers are a menace to Illinois roadways and those throughout the nation. Many families have suffered devastating losses of loved ones in motor vehicle accidents that were entirely preventable were it not for the poor choices of the drivers involved to consume alcohol then get behind the wheel. One person who allegedly made such a choice on a recent Sunday has been deemed responsible in a tragic four-car crash.  

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